Mironov asked Putin to raise money for the collection of plants Vavilov

Socialist leader Sergei Mironov asked President Vladimir Putin to find financing Vavilov collection of crops, which is located in St. Petersburg.

"Right now, we lose almost, because there simply need additional funding, if only to maintain, not to mention the fact that this collection is normally worked, which is 118 years old," — said Mironov.

He handed the letter to Putin to help preserve the collection.

Mironov said the Vavilov collection, which represents 324,000 of the world's cultures, in 1998 the World Bank has been estimated at $ 8 trillion.

He explained that the money to finance the collection were not included in the budget and the available funds are not sufficient.

Rosimushchestvo their orders from December 25, 2009 transferred the Federal Fund for Housing Development Fund (RHD) two land area of 71 hectares and 19.5, which had previously been in a constant permanent use Pavlovsk Experimental Station, part of the Agricultural Research Institute of the Vavilov. This decision was widely discussed Rosimushchestvo public opinion, since in areas placed under house-building, has a collection of fruits and berries, founded by Academician Nikolai Vavilov.

Thanks surgery Russian government against this decision was imposed moratorium.

A year ago, Dmitry Medvedev, then held the post of President of the Russian Federation, commissioned before February 1, 2012 to consolidate land on which the Vavilov collection, Pavlovsk Experimental Station of All-Russia Institute of Plant and before April 1, 2012 to prepare a draft law defining the status of the plant collections.

Medvedev ordered Putin, who was then prime minister, to consolidate data plots for the Pavlovsk station and consider together with the Agricultural questions about the content of the collection of adequate funding until 1 February 2012. Term performance of the commission — April 1, 2012.

In turn, the general director of Russian Institute of Plant Nikolai Dzyubenko said that the President's instructions can save valuable genetic resources.

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