Missouri River Flooding: Latest News


This is called the "Great Flood of 2011" at the bottom of the Ohio and Mississippi Valley.
Heavy rains and melting large amounts of snow have led to significant excess of the level of water in the upper Missouri River basin, from the northern Rockies to the northern Great Plains
  • Flooding near Hardin, downed telephone equipment. Full service was restored Monday.
  • Roundup town has retained much of the flood waters, and the Musselshell River level is not reduced, officials said Road closures cut the city from all directions.
  • The National Guard was sent to Crowe after a large part of their territory was flooded
  • Emergencies have been declared in 51 Montana counties and Indian reservations.

Pick almost flooded by the river Musselshell, in Roundup

North Dakota

  • Missouri River is in major flood Williston.
  • An estimated 1 million gallons per second will be released from the dam in the middle of June. (Will cover a football field to a depth of 10 feet per second!)
  • Earthen dams, seven miles should be built by the end of this week in Bismarck, three miles from the dam. Will need to be about 8 million sandbags.
  • 1500 National Guard should help Bismarck.
  • More than 300 homes have already flooded into the south side of Bismarck.
  • Camping is closed Theodore Roosevelt National Park because of flooding on the Missouri River. The park remains open.
  • Emergencies declared in seven counties.

Two sandbag dikes to protect homes on the waterfront

Photo by kristykleincatalano

South Dakota / Iowa / Nebraska

  • Flooding in South Dakota
  • 100-150 homes in Pierre and another 200 homes in Ft. Pierre flooded
  • Authorities have advised residents of Dakota Dunes to be ready to evacuateThursday as a precaution, and they must be prepared to stay away for up to 2 months!
  • Particularly severe flooding is expected to forecast mid-June.
  • Flooding threatens to most areas, including industrial complex and the plant south of Sioux City.
  • Flooding occurred on Sunday in Omaha.
  • Water is already encroaching on Ft. Calhoun, Neb. and Sloan, IA.

Trucks for creating roads Sunday, May 29, 2011, in Fort Pierre, where water from the Missouri River has already crept into a residential area.
AP Photo / Chet Brokaw
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