Moscow forecast 2011 2061gody

The overall conclusion of Moscow weather 22.06.11-22.06.61: For the coming year 2011 — alternating heat and rain — summer. Autumn, a fire in the peat.
Winter — no severe frosts. (Maybe a little sleet and freeze-up)
2012 — 2013 год contrasting hot summer weather, rain.
A significant increase in accidents, emergency in the center of Moscow (some buildings may collapse or failure of the soil)
2014 — 2018 can become very fracture surface in the center of Moscow, or a large sinkhole (minor earthquakes)
2018-2030 decrease egregor city residents leave town. Perhaps there is a small amount on the important sites.
2030-2040 — flooding of low-lying areas of the city.
Dates are very tentative.
Key points
1 — the appearance of failure and subsidence in the city.
2 — emergence of a large failure or fault with considerable loss of life
3 — flooding of low-lying areas.
Possible developments in the key points of the history will be associated with the simultaneous activation of volcanoes located in Australia, China, USA Material from the site group New Seers. global observations.

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