Moscow threatens to whether the earthquake of 5 points in the coming years

Maximum power is possible shocks in Europe and Asia. Light areas 5 points, blue 5-6, green 6-7, 7 yellow, pink, 8, 9 red and brown 9-10. The arrow shows the direction of seismic waves most often reaching up to Moscow from the Eastern Carpathians.

Recent events in Japan have resulted in a number of reports that in the coming years, major earthquakes can occur on the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka and the Caucasus. Experts do not rule out also that in the next decade tremors capacity of up to 5 points can reach and limits of Moscow. How relevant the information is true and if appropriate, in what time frame Muscovites expect this phenomenon, and what the consequences will be a 5-point zemmletryaseniya for Moscow and analyzed in this paper.

On record in the vicinity of Moscow has not been any significant tremor, and all reach the capital of the seismic waves is an echo of a major earthquake occurred in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Urals, the Crimea, and in the Eastern Carpathians.

Recent earthquakes have been recorded in Moscow in 2000, after a 9-magnitude earthquake in western Turkmenistan. But Moscow power was only 2-3 points and overall the event went unnoticed, only a few high-rise residents reported that they felt some minor tremors.

But most often outside Moscow and the region reach the seismic waves from large earthquakes in the Eastern Carpathians (Romania), and this despite the fact that the Russian capital has been removed from the area of 1400 km. Recent tremors in Moscow from the Carpathian earthquake measuring at 3-4, were recorded in 1940, 1977, 1986 and 1990. Best known tremors of the 77th and 90th year.


In 1990, there were even two full thrust, one occurred on the 30th, and the second on May 31. According to available information, the force pushes on the upper floors of high-rise buildings is equal to 4-5 (the higher the building, the more vibrations through his swing). No less felt Muscovites and Carpathian earthquake of the 77th, which led to the fact that MSU spire swayed from side to side with an amplitude of 2 meters. However, despite this, both the earthquake did not cause any damage buildings in the capital, and not to mention the loss of life and did not have to.

In general, as we see, at least in the history of Moscow and tremors occurred, but very minor. All of them were up to 5 points, and the earthquake of such power can not cause any major problems, though, because all of the capital buildings are built in accordance with building codes take account of such tremors.

Predictions about future shocks

Several years ago, Russian Academy of Sciences has prepared a report which was forecast seismic hazard for Moscow, coming from the Eastern Carpathians. According to him, even in the event of a powerful earthquake in the Eastern Carpathians, Muscovites have nothing to fear, the tremors will be no different from those that were reported previously and will be within the 5-points. These shocks are possible in the period from 2006 to 2036, and not before 2150.


However, according to some geophysicists there is a risk of seismic activity of tectonic faults located in the vicinity of Moscow. However reason to believe that data is not present, the East European platform for millions of years, is the most stable in the world and expect to not have faults. Although the recent events in Japan, we can expect from our public want surprises.


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