«MSTA-S», 152-mm self-propelled guns

History of creation
Self-propelled gun (SPG) 152-mm caliber 2S19 «MSTA-S» was created by the tactical and technical specification (TTZ) Head Missile and Artillery Directorate (Grau), Ministry of Defence. By the time of his extradition has been made 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2SZ «Acacia», 240-mm self-propelled mortar 2S4 «Flower» and 152-mm self-propelled gun 2S5 «Hyacinth». Newcomer SPG 2S19 «MSTA-S» designed to substitute howitzers 2S3 «Acacia». One of the requirements to the latest ACS was its placement on a unified tanks (T-72, T-80) database and installing universal artillery pieces, which could be used in ACS, and the towed artillery.
Major developers ACS «MSTA-S» — UZTM (now FSUE «Uraltransmash», Ekaterinburg, the chassis and the whole machine), Instrument Design Bureau (Tula, fighting compartment) and the Bureau of Plant № 9 (Ekaterinburg, swinging part), chief designer of the installation Yu V.Tomashev.
Developed in the early 80’s. 152-mm self-propelled guns 2S19 «MSTA-S» in 1989, was put into service. Index «C», as opposed to a towed gun 2A65 «MSTA-B», adopted in the 1986 with the same swinging part, designated self-propelled. Immediately on «Uraltransmash» simulator was created 2H51 «Bunkers» ACS calculations for training.
First party self-propelled howitzers created plant «Uraltransmash» in their next batch production continued at the plant Sterlitamak (Bashkiria). For the first time on an extensive review of the ACS «MSTA-S» was introduced in 1992 (airshow, Zhukovsky), and in 1993 at the exhibition of modern weapons IDEX-93 (Abu Dhabi, UAE) she showed running and firing properties with firing at targets (at a distance of 15 km forty shells «Krasnopol» was struck 38 goals).

«MSTA-S», 152-mm highly mobile armored self-propelled gun 2S19 created to engage openly located and protected targets (manpower, armored and unarmored combat vehicles, field fortifications, and antiaircraft defense, Fri management objects of his opponent and rear ).
Composition and structural features
ACS «MSTA-S» (2S19) is based on the traditional pattern and is armored turret with a gun 2A64, which is mounted on a specially designed self-propelled crawler with the engine compartment aft unified on major sites with tanks T-80 (chassis) and T-72 (motor -transmission setting). In the center of the fighting compartment SAU taken.

ACS armored body, structurally similar to the body and the outside of the T-72. Has a more feeble booking, providing crew, weapons, ammunition and equipment armor-piercing bullets and shrapnel, the frontal part is made of a homogenous steel armor. The upper part (under-turret plate) body was designed for 2444 mm diameter shoulder straps. The housing installed engine, transmission, suspension and drive control. In the forward part of the equipment for self-entrenching equipment frisky providing refuge for ACS and provide additional protection against armor-piercing bullets and shell fragments.
Tower SAU welded from rolled armor plates. It is located gun (howitzer) with guidance systems and targeting, automatic feeding and storage shells (assembly feed stream of shells from the ground, mechanized laying 6ETS19). In addition to the tower installed standalone turbine unit capacity up to 16 kW (ACS provides constant current and saves resource sustainer motor), ventilation system, communication system and sealing the breech howitzers (to prevent gas contamination of the crew compartment). Mass of the tower without ammunition is 13500 kg.
Ammunition includes 50 rounds of 152 mm caliber (usually 20 and CFC 30 ARS) and 300 rounds of ammunition for the gun. Weight 2470 kg of ammunition.

Chassis SAU similar to the T-80. On one side taken 6 rollers, guide wheel with track tension leading wheels with removable gear rings and 5 idlers. -Independent suspension with torsion bars longish, because of which the appropriate rollers right and left sides are shifted relative to each other by 110 mm. Rubber track width 580 mm armed rubberised treadmill. First, second and second rollers are adjustable telescopic spring, the locking while shooting for vibration damping. This allowed abandon stabilizing openers and provide a decent rate of fire, and fire groove and significantly reduce the time of preparation for shooting and leaving the firing position.
B-84A engine is a multi-fuel (6 fuels) V-shaped 12-cylinder high-speed four-stroke, liquid cooling of the capacity of 840 hp It is set with a seven-speed reverse transmission. Can be mounted engine V-46-6 with a capacity up to 780 hp Electrical equipment consists of 4 batteries voltage of 27 V and AC eyeliner.

ACS «MSTA-S» includes 152-mm howitzer 2A64 installed in the tower, and 12.7-mm anti-aircraft gun NSVT-12, 7, placed on the commander’s cupola as part of an anti-aircraft machine gun (LSD) with remote control and an eye-ROM 7.
Rifled howitzer 2A64 separately with the barrel-loading, can firing high-explosive (CFC), active-reactive (ADR), cluster and special shells. Can be applied to regular ammunition guns D-20, 2C3, smoke-shells designators also guided munitions with laser illumination 3OF39 «Krasnopol» (Shot 3VOF64).
Firing range missiles OFS ZOF45 (ZVOF58 shots, ZVOF72, ZVOF73) achieves 24700 m, shells ARS ZOF61 (shot 3VOF91) — 28900 m, cluster shells type 3023 (42 submunition) — 26000 m, shells director active radar jammers type ZNSZO — 22300 m
Ammunition is located in the tower on the shelves and includes 50 rounds of 152 mm caliber (usually 20 and CFC 30 ARS) and 300 12.7 mm ammunition for the gun. Projectile weight — up to 42 kg, all ammunition — up to 2470 kg.
Automatic reloading provides firing at all angles pointing toward exaltation and guns with a rate of 7-8 rounds per minute when using the internal boeukladki shells and 6-7 shots per minute feeding them with soil. Battery of eight ACS per minute can shoot up to 3 tons of shells, and when shooting at the range to the highest incidence of the first shell in the air can be up to 70 shells.
Finding the right ammunition and managing the loading control system implemented loading mechanism with simultaneous counting and fixing the number of shots of the respective type. Shells and charges delivered to the gun with 2 conveyors are independent from charging. Additional assembly ammunition feed streams with soil allows you to fire without the expense of domestic ammunition. In the stowed position, some of them located in the tower, the other tucked away inside. Spent cartridges are ejected through a hatch gun under the gun barrel to reduce the gas content of the crew compartment.

Machine-gun anti-aircraft gun with a remote control from the tower serves to combat low-flying aircraft and helicopters, light armored vehicles and tanks similar set of T-64 and T-80. Gun NSVT-12, 7 «Cliff» (6P11) 12.7-mm rounds at the rate of 700-800 per minute provides attack targets at ranges up to 2000 m in the vertical sector -3 — +70 deg. Ammo is equipped with a 5-tape 60 rounds each. Gun sight with 5-ROM (ROM-7) is mounted on the commander’s cupola.

ACS is equipped with a panoramic (1P22, swivel armored covers on the roof of the tower) and the gun sight direct fire (1P23 with a window to the front plate of the tower). Panoramic sight provides a 3.7 x increase in horizontal and automatic stabilization of the field of view by tilting the machine up to 5 degrees. In the stowed position, he removed for protective shutter. 1P23 sight with 5.5 x increase may be used at angles of guidance from -4 to 55 deg.
Electronic drive (2E46) howitzer provides automatic guidance in the vertical and horizontal plane from the control panel. Elevation is restored after each shot a gun. Problem gunner when firing delay panoramic sight on the point of impact. As commander may need to independently direct and shoot guns with the introduction of redundant equipment. When you turn off the power supply system is used replacement manual loading and guidance.
Acquisition and Data Accuracy 1V122 operates at ranges up to 500 m Control of guidance and coordination of interaction is driving battery fire control — the commander or senior officer.
Autonomous gas turbine power unit AP-18D (16 kW, continuous operation time 8 h) provides the ACS systems switched off or the failed engine marching.
Internal telephone equipment (1V116 7 users) and external (VHF R-173, the range of actions up to 20 km) due crew manages ACS in place, movement and combat.
The equipment further includes: automatic fire equipment 3 times act with control equipment 3ETS11-2, two filter system, the system of entrenchment on the lower front plate, 902V system «Cloud» for the introduction of 81-mm smoke grenades, two tank degassing device (TPD).

«MSTA-S» used in the fight against illegal armed formations in Chechnya. According to the results of the introduction of martial FSUE «Uraltransmash» together with the Institute of «Signal» and other companies spent a complex of works on modernization of ACS. It is armed with additional instruments, indicators gunner and loader, onboard computer with a modem, screen and digital sensor elevation guns.
To increase the effectiveness of combat introduction of ACS «MSTA-S» at the present time can be applied universal automatic fire control system (ASUO) «Cabbage-B» (Command-observation post 1V152 based on the BTR-80 and a unified point fire control division, 1V153 batteries on the chassis «Ural-4320») and automatic control and guidance «Success-C» Institute developed the «Signal» (Kovrov). When sharing is ensured implementation of ACS «MSTA-S» in real-time by reducing the time to open fire. With all this increased mobility, agility and survivability of installation.
In the process of modernization was created by an export version of the ACS «MSTA-S» under NATO caliber 155 mm. By the standard ACS showed considerable interest in India, Argentina, Chile, and several other states. This is based on automatic feed kartuznogo charge (at zabugornyh analogues manual) and some other know-how implemented in the export version «MSTA-S».
First experienced the standard modernized SAU «MSTA-S», which is shown in the arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, has already spent more than 100 firings, during which it was proved full compliance with the stated features both shooting accuracy and wear resistance and barrel life (JSC «Motovilikhinskiye factory»).
Price modernized SAU «MSTA-S» less than its counterparts zabugornyh, which is about $ 3 million

gun, caliber, mm howitzer, 152
machine gun, caliber, mm NSVT 12.7
Maximum firing range, km
projectile OFS 24.7
FFS shell with a gas generator 29.06
UAS «Krasnopol» 20.0
Small firing range, km 6.5
Rate of fire, rds. / Min.:
of boeukladki to 8
from the ground 5-6
Ammunition, pcs:
shells 50
cartridges 300
MB mass, kg 42000
Power supply, 5-7
Speed, km \ h 60
In store down the highway, km 500
Overall dimensions, mm:
Length x width x height, mm 11917h3380h2985

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