Muscovites complain unprecedented insect

Prolonged heat tormented Moscow, the capital turned into a paradise for insects, entomologists ascertain. The townspeople, and so exhausted by the heat, find a new attack: they settled in a house such wonderful neighbors as grasshoppers, bugs, fleas and cockroaches. Scientists note that due to the unusually warm in Moscow, there were even a few species of beetles that before there was not simple.
Muscovites are faced with a new problem. "The apartment is starting to appear in unhealthy amounts hairy moths and crickets," — said in "Live Journal" Capital blogger assirish. "House last week has brought dozens of black flies that bite hurts more than mosquitoes — says" NO "from Moscow Alena Vinogradova. — I looked at the blanket, and it's all in black spots. " "I looked out on the balcony, — writes the Moscow blogger tihiy_psih78. — The floor is littered with jumping grasshoppers. "

Even last year, people in the North district of Moscow complained about the fleas that have appeared in their apartments. "It's three regions: Left Bank, Khovrino, Golovin," — explained in the prefecture. Officials explained the invasion of parasites heat. This year the situation is repeated across the city.

"Heat for fleas — heaven on earth — confirmed" NO "this version of the Head, All-Russian Research Institute of Nature Conservation Boris Samoilov. — It is not surprising that they spread to Moscow. The more so because they are transferred stray dogs, which in full. Maggots can carry dust and flies into the house. " "Most of the heat-loving insects, — explained the" NO "the chief researcher of the Zoological Institute Emilia Narchuk. — Prolonged hot weather, their number is increasing because they lay more eggs. "

Thrive in hot metropolis and bugs and lice, and grasshoppers and bumblebees. "Now most of us come in with cockroaches and bedbugs, they always become more in July and August," — told "NO" employee company that disinsection.

According to Mr. Samoilov, because of the heat and burning forests around Moscow to the capital of the insects migrated, which previously was not there. Last summer here started sletatsya rhinoceros beetles, beetles, butterflies, deer and revelers. Many insects, according to experts, can travel a distance of 200-300 km. "But the mosquitoes this summer misery — laughing Boris Samoilov. — They need water and all dry. "

Get rid of insects with the help of professionals will manage Muscovites two to three thousand. "We have a three-hour walk ship owners — told" NO "expert in pest control. — When they come, sputtered material is not harmful to health. " If the need to kill fleas and bedbugs is no doubt that the risk of grasshoppers, flies to the balconies, Muscovites exaggerated. As told "NO" Emilia Narchuk, guests do not eat green violets and begonias because they are predators.

Lepidoptera visit often causes more anguish citizens. According to the psychologist Elena Novoselova, people tend to feel a sense of disgust at the sight of insects. "They are smaller than all the animals are like us — she said" NO ". — And people sympathize so Friars Minor, with whom they have more in common. Dogs, cats, horses can understand us. And insects, if increased, would be like monsters from a horror film. "

Elena Dolzhenkov Svetlana Basharova

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