Mysterious fish kills in Verhnesysertskom pond


Externally pond looks clean, then why it is dying fish?

22.07.11. From Monday to the shores of the pond Verhnesysertskogo waves brings dead fish.

Residents of the village Upper Sisert now bypass the pond. Some local believe that such a massive release of fish perished happened after a night of thunderstorms broke out from Monday to Tuesday. They object to the fishermen: Ghibli fauna began appearing earlier in the day on Monday.

Residents can not understand how such a plague? On the bank of the pond are elite cottages, recreation and government dacha. Body of water is considered one of the cleanest in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. But the fact remains — a pond dotted with small and large fry, and all are at a loss, what is the reason.

In Upper Syrset locals worried. Now people have suggested that there could be a release of chemicals. The beaches were empty at the time, fishermen are not visible. The administration of the village situation with fish kill has not yet commented.

Daria Kataev

Source: KP.RU-Ekaterinburg

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