Mysterious funnel the residents of the area QC

May 27, 2011QUEBEC
— Officials in Quebec are trying to figure out what the cause of many craters to be in a north-end neighborhood. They served evacuation papers on Wednesday about 15 homes and one business in Charlesbourg district. Almost 40 holes between 5 and 8 meters wide, appeared last week. The holes were mostly found in the field, and the other tenants in the door. One large enough to fit a car. "The field is like, there is nothing, no trees, or anything, and you see everywhere some holes, some deeper than others, like 30 or 40 holes everywhere on the field. You can see that this is not normal. You see this is a problem on this earth, "said the city secretary Francois Moisan. As of Thursday afternoon, only half of the approximately 40 affected residents fled their homes. "The city is very cautious and ask people to leave their homes because there is a danger. We do not know what kind of danger, we do not know if this is a real threat to their property, but we prefer to take no chances and ask them to leave," — said Moisan. Moisan said the field where the pits are used to be the online sandbox, and he said that the experts will be on site Friday to find out what is in the craters. Just over a year ago, a family of four people died at St. Jude, Que. in a massive landslide. —CBC News

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