Mysterious pyramid of Tibet




Nicholas Zyatkov
AIF N 18 (1019) — 1 (1022), May 2000

1.Tayny Tibetan pyramids

We have already reported that in August — October 1999, a group of scientists Ufa (ER Muldashev, Sh Mirhaydarov, SA Selivyorstov, RG Yusupov) went to Tibet in search of the fabled "City of the Gods . " Now over treatment of extensive scientific material. The expedition, organized by the weekly "Arguments and Facts", Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center of Ministry of Health and the Russian Bashkir savings bank, found the largest group of pyramids in the world. With the expedition leader Professor Muldasheva talks, our correspondent Nicholas Zyatkov.

Ernst Rifgatovich, what is the main result of the last Tibetan expedition?

We came to the conclusion about the existence of Tibet's largest group of pyramids in the world. Tibetan group is associated with a strict mathematical regularity Egyptian and Mexican pyramids, as well as Easter Island, the ancient monument of Stonehenge and the North Pole.

We managed to count more than 100 different pyramids and monuments, clearly oriented to the cardinal points and placed around the main pyramid height of 6714 meters (the sacred mountain of Kailash). Hit a huge variety of shapes and sizes of the pyramids. According to rough estimates, their height from the bottom to the top ranged between 100-1800 meters (for comparison, the Great Pyramid is 146 feet).

All this is a very ancient pyramidal complex, so much destroyed. But on closer examination can reveal quite clear outlines of the pyramids.

On their background is particularly distinguished stone construction, with concave or flat surfaces, which we called "mirrors". Their role, as it turned out in the processing of scientific data, it is extremely interesting. We also found rock formations are very similar to the huge statues of people. (On the "mirror" and "statues" we will describe in detail the following rooms.

Thus, we have formed a well-founded impression that in Tibet there is a complex of monuments of antiquity, consisting mainly of the pyramids.

Do not you think that you could confuse the Tibetan mountains, the apparent changes of time, with the pyramids?

This idea did not leave us until the end of the processing of all pictures, sketches and videos. To avoid mistakes, we used a method of delineating the mountains. To do this, we introduced a computer image of the pyramids and the mountains, then "blind" they outlined the basic contours. In this case, it became clearly visible — it is a pyramid or a natural mountain.

We are accustomed to associate the notion that the "pyramid" with a view of Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. But, for example, the Mexican pyramids or less well-known Egyptian pyramid Dzhossera stepped character. Here, in Tibet, we met mostly stepped pyramids. Moreover, the natural surrounding mountains around not have a layered structure, which could create confusion in the identification of the pyramids.

Very helpful sketches of the pyramids, which I made during the expedition. The fact that the picture can be drawn bulk of pyramidal shape, making it difficult to achieve when photographing or filming. In order to more thoroughly look over each pyramid had to keep it up the slope, then go to the nearby, then go down, then make a picture. And all this at an altitude of 5000-5600 meters. Many pyramidal education have been combined into complexes. Some well-preserved pyramids, others were badly damaged. But gradually we realized the principal distinguishing features of pyramidal structures and become easier to navigate.

It was probably very difficult to navigate the slopes at such a height?

Yes, of course. Moreover, in the region of the pyramids have disappeared appetite. Through the power of eating sugar. After leaving the area of the pyramids appetite recovered.

Ernst Rifgatovich, most recently for the first time in the world you had made eye transplant surgery. You are — a surgeon from God — has organized four scientific Himalayan and Tibetan expedition discovered an unusual pyramid. How to explain such a strange variation in the scientific quest?

The fact is that it is here, in Russia, has developed scientific field to study the so-called subtle energies. It is necessary to mention in this connection the school of Academician VP Kaznacheeva such eminent scientists as NA Kozyrev, AA Ilyin, AV Trofimov, AV Akimov, S.B.Proskuryakov and many others. These scholars of various stripes (physicists, molecular biologists, etc.) in the course of his research have been forced to acknowledge the existence of the Supreme Intelligence. So they turned their attention to the scientific understanding of religion. We, the doctors, studying the puzzle of the human body, too, came to the same conclusion. And the organization of the Himalayan and Tibetan expeditions presented to us quite logical. Furthermore, Tibetan lamas say that religion is not a religion, and recorded and carried through centuries of knowledge of previous civilizations. World is much more complicated than we think! The world is interconnected, be it a person or a pyramid. Get at least the fact that the major part of the DNA have a pyramidal structure. And the calculation we made eye transplantation into account not only medical knowledge, but also the knowledge gained in the course of expeditions and meaningful from the point of view of modern physics and biology. Last Tibetan expedition was in this respect is particularly useful.

2. City of the Gods

The complex of pyramids, which you find in Tibet, and there is the legendary "City of the Gods"?

From the ancient Tibetan legend appears that in those days, when there was the Great Flood and the North Pole was located elsewhere in the world there were "sons of the gods" who by force of five elements built the city, which has had a huge impact on life on earth.

We walked in the footsteps of the legend, bit by bit, collecting information and trying to locate the location of the hypothetical "City of the Gods." In Eastern religions and Helena Blavatsky we found mention of the fact that before the Flood, the North Pole was located in the region of Tibet and the Himalayas, and the fact that the North Pole was regarded as the home of the "Sons of the Gods."

When in a Himalayan expedition in 1998 an Indian monk showed us pictures of the sacred Mount Kailash, located in Tibet, I exclaimed: "This is not a mountain, it's a huge pyramid!" Equally striking was the resemblance. We hypothesized that the legendary "City of the Gods" is located in the Mount Kailash. Moreover, the Nepalese and Tibetan Lama told us that the area is a zone of action of the so-called tantric powers. And access to the zone is permitted only "dedicated" to the people. There is also the so-called Valley of Death.

Have you been to Death Valley?

Yes. We passed it. It is located at an altitude of 5680 meters but we never for sheg not depart from the path that we have indicated Lama.

On Earth, no more white spots. Probably, and that region of Tibet, where you've been, people have visited. Why is it up to you no one has seen the pyramids?

District sacred Mount Kailash, despite the remoteness and altitude conditions, often visited by pilgrims from India, Nepal, Bhutan and even European countries. Some of them get here, that would only look at the mountain, while others try to get the circle around Kailash, others — those who are stronger — trying to crawl these terms longer than 60 km. Representatives of the Hindu and Buddhist religions have the right to pass the sacred circle in a clockwise direction, the representatives of the ancient Bonpo religion — against. It is believed that the man who has gone full circle, freed from sin, and if it passes the circle 108 times, it becomes a saint.

Pilgrims have specific psychology, which is based on depression in yourself when dealing with something sacred. These people, overcoming hardships and difficulties trying to reach the holy places, to get out there next to the divine, voluptuous meditate. Scientific understanding of reality for them is alien and unacceptable. Especially considering that Kailash is considered to be in the Eastern countries, the holiest site in the world. So you can imagine the state of the pilgrims.

Information that in the area were scientific expeditions, we have not met. Nicholas Roerich sought to reach the Mount Kailash, but he did not succeed. By the way, we have achieved with great difficulty from the Chinese authorities permission to hold a scientific expedition.

But even if in the area were people inclined in scientific analysis, the hardest alpine conditions and dust storms could leave its imprint. We have previously passed in the Himalayas serious acclimatization.

And what is written on the sacred mountain Kailash in the famous Tibetan texts? Were you able to get permission to study them?

With great difficulty we still allowed to explore some of them. They are written, that Mount Kailash and the surrounding mountains were built through the power of the five elements. Bonpo Lama, whom we met explained that the effect of the five elements (air, water, earth, wind, fire) must be understood as psychic energy.

We know that the people who rose to the top of the pyramid of Cheops, experienced strange sensations comparable with deep psychological trance. At the same time, the flat, as if cut top Mexican pyramids visited by many people, and nothing happens to them. You did not try to climb to the top of at least one of the Tibetan pyramids?

Tibetan Lama urged us not to deviate from the path that runs along the sacred circle, explaining that beyond the trails we get into the zone of the tantric powers. Frankly, we occasionally depart from the path up and down, sketching a pyramid. And even were at the foot of two of them, but in principle we have fulfilled the covenant of llamas. At the top of the pyramid, we did not go up.

In addition, we have information about the strange death of four climbers who have risen to one of the mountains near Kailash. They all died of different diseases (in this rapidly grown old) within 1-2 years after the ascension.

Now, over time, we are glad we did not have disobeyed lamas. After processing all the stuff we learned that Tibetan pyramid involve a huge stone "mirrors", the effect of which, in our opinion, apply to change the characteristics of the time.

3. Stone Mirror

Ernst Rifgatovich, many pyramids in the world. In Egypt, for example, there are 34 pyramids in Latin America, they — 16. And in Tibet, a relatively small area, you have found more than 100. What is different from other Tibetan pyramid?

I was able to repeatedly visit the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids complexes. Tibetan pyramid above all much larger (they are just enormous!) And, in our opinion, have been built to a much more ancient times. But the main difference is that the majority of Tibetan pyramids are associated with different-sized concave, semi-circular and flat stone designs that we figuratively called "mirrors". This is nowhere.

Recently, the press began to appear information about the so-called "Kozyrev mirrors." Russian scientist Nikolai Kozyrev invented the semi-circular and other forms of metal "mirror", in which, according to the results of his research, changing the course of time. Are there any similarities between the Tibetan "stone mirrors" and "mirrors
Kozyrev "?

The analogy is, in our opinion, there is. By Kozyrev, time — it is the energy that is able to concentrate ("time compressed") or distributed ("being stretched"). In the "Kozyrev mirrors" effect was achieved time compression. Therefore it is possible to think that the "stone mirror" of Tibet can compress time. Is not this strange death linked four climbers, like the aged for the year — perhaps they became subject to the "mirror"? Is this the reason Lama urged us not to deviate from the sacred path?

To this we must add that, in the opinion of many scholars, the pyramids are able to concentrate subtle energies, and blend them with the "mirrors of time" can have a strong influence on the continuum "of space — time." A member of the expedition Sergey Selivyorstov even called Kailash Complex "time machine."

And what are the dimensions of the Tibetan "stone mirror"?

In most cases, they are enormous. Get at least a "mirror structure" that Lama called the "House of happy stone", the height of its concave "mirror" (photo 1), according to rough estimates, is 800 meters, which is almost 3 times more than a 100-story skyscraper. From north to this "mirror" adjacent semicircular "mirror" of a height of about 350 meters — almost a copy of "Kozyrev mirrors." The south side of the "House of Happy Stone" is presented in the form of a huge plane that is at right angles coupled with another huge concave "mirror" of a height of about 700 meters (photo 2).

It is curious that people who have visited within the "Kozyrev mirrors", noted dizziness, fear, seeing flying saucers, see themselves as a child and so on. The height of the "Kozyrev mirrors" only some 2-3 meters. It is hard to imagine what will happen to the person if it is placed in the space of "stone mirror" of Tibet. In this regard can not be considered a complete fantasy that these places were meant to move in parallel worlds, which is now seriously say such eminent scientists as Koznacheev Academician, Professor A. Trofimov, Timashev and others.

But most large mirrors are western and northern slopes of the main pyramid — Mount Kailash. These slopes have a clear flat-concave shape. The height of the "mirror" is approximately 1800 meters (7 skyscrapers 100 stories).

It also occurs in a number of smaller "Stone Mirror", which have a variety of forms.

Maybe these "stone mirror" serve as not only a "time machine", but also shield the flow of various energies, distributing them?

Without a doubt, yes. Many of the pyramidal structure of Tibet have extra flat "stone mirror," which is quite possibly the shield of energy, "assemble" the pyramid, and combine them with the flow of energies from the other pyramids and the "mirror". On examination of these "mirrored pyramidal" structures impression that flat "mirrors" were made separately, as if the charge of the pyramid. But how were these huge stone lifted the plane, remains unclear.

Some SLR designs have completely unusual shape. Sometimes on top of the usual Tibetan mountains are freestanding "mirror structure" (photo 3). Apparently, the subtle energies are so diverse that the screening and management of a variety of stone used in the construction.

Unfortunately, modern science is only beginning to recognize the existence of such energy, as yet there is no serious instrument for their study, etc. But those who built the "mirror-pyramidal complex Kailash" (City of the Gods), knew the laws of subtle energy and time, and learned how to manage them. These energies are apparently "formotropny" ie depend on the shape of the structure. Therefore, such a diverse stone

Who, in your opinion, has built this amazing "mirror-pyramidal complex"?

We are always asked this question. Fortunately, those who built this complex, have left traces.

4. Geocaches Atlantis

Ernst Rifgatovich, from the scientific material that you have submitted amended, in fact, it seems that the pyramid and the "mirror" of Tibet are of artificial origin. But why do you have to have not been seen, even if, for example, from outer space?

It is possible that satellite images of the area of Tibet is not done (this, by the way, we would like to ask the astronauts).

And even if Kailash area was studied from space, it is quite possible that the top and mirrored pyramidal structures are not as well catch the eye.

There are many assumptions about who has constructed the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, from the explanations on dragging the stone blocks a lot of people and ending hypotheses about extraterrestrial builders. Who, in your opinion, has built a mirror-pyramidal complex of Tibet?

I think that it was built by people very highly developed civilization, which had power over own subtle energies, having, according to some reports, the anti-gravity effect. Otherwise, it is impossible to move the huge stone masses or turning of the mountain ranges that are required in the construction of these pyramids and "mirrors". In Tibetan texts, this energy is described as the power of the five elements.

It is believed (in particular, as mentioned in your book, "From whom we come from?"), Which is the most advanced in the world was the Lemurian civilization, mastered the energy of the Spirit. This civilization lived millions of years ago. If you think that the complex was built Kailash Lemurians, we must recognize its incredible antiquity. Is this true?

I think that is wrong. The fact that several pyramidal structures of ancient builders have left a trace in the form of drawings, very similar to the faces of the people (photo 1). A prominent face in the photo does not look like a person Lemurian, who had, according to the results of our previous studies, a small nose and big eyes. This figure is more like the face of atlas — human civilization that preceded us.

Why Atlanta? This person, though partially destroyed by time, might as well face resembles our contemporary.

Face atlas slightly different from the human face our civilization contrast, as described in Buddhist literature was the other — the longer tongue 40 tooth webbed fingers, an increase of 3-5 meters and more.

But we found also an indirect confirmation that the person represented may be the face of the atlas. On the pyramidal structure Gompo Pang carved four human figures, quite clearly visible. Atlanta was the 4th root-race on earth (we — the fifth race). Is not that a direct allusion to the fact that the complex is built Kailash 4th race — Atlantis? Furthermore, next to the human figures depicted with two oval holes, very similar to the description of the aircraft Atlantis — Vimana.

But if we assume that the main continent of Atlantis was killed during the Flood 850,000 years ago (according to HP Blavatsky), we can think of Kailash pyramidal complex was built almost about one million years ago. What do you think about this?

This logic may be true. Atlanta, as described in the Tibetan Bonpo religion, gurunam and the other, at some point in their history have access to knowledge Lemurian on mastering the power of spiritual energy. This knowledge has been recorded on special plates …

The famous golden plates where it says "true knowledge"?

Yes. According to many legends, these plates are still hidden in the deep recesses of Tibet and the Himalayas. But the most surprising thing was that we found one near Kailash monument testifying to how we feel about it.

Have you seen the gold plates?

No. At the top of one of the largest pyramids we saw a monument in the form of a seated man (photo 2). The height of the monument, according to tentative estimates, was 40 meters (the height of a 16-storey building).

Computer processing of photographic and video footage showed that the statue "sits" in the pose of the Buddha, slightly bent forward, holding in her lap a plate (or a book), and how to read it. The face of the statue turned to the south-east — where in the Pacific Ocean, religious figures, is the legendary Lemuria. So we can assume that this monument symbolizes knowledge Lemurian, Atlantean passed through the "golden plates", which contributed to such developments as the construction of a mirrored pyramidal complex Kailash.

A can not indicate whether the monument at the place where these hidden "gold plate"? After all, finding a mummy inside the Egyptian pyramids and other attributes of ancient life.

It can not be excluded. But to get to the statue "human readable" not likely, it is in the area of one of the "stone of mirrors." Probably need to have patience and a certain margin of purity to the people of our civilization has been allowed to get to this secret knowledge that will revolutionize our lives.

In addition, there and everywhere in the area are stone buildings like palaces (photo 3, 4, 5). It is interesting that these stone structures, as can be seen, does not seem to have no windows or doors. Just a bizarre forms.

For what purpose do you think, old people, spending intellect and energy, erected these huge palaces, "mirror" and pyramid?

The goal, I think, has a common terrestrial global scale. And this, we found a lot of evidence.

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