Mystery Dungeon

Karst holes

20.02.11.V center of Irkutsk, near the building of the Siberian Division of the Art Museum of Art, found a mysterious tunnel.

Regularly shaped hole in the pavement was formed a week ago in the courtyard of the Siberian Department of the Irkutsk Art Museum of Art on Karl Marx Street, 23. The failure of a depth of about 3 meters appeared between warehouses and the museum after the road drove heavy trucks. Steam coming out of the pit. Art museum professionals now are wondering what is in the ground: a tunnel, the old drainage or ventilation shaft. Irkutsk cavers have explored failure (presumably he is half-filled ground water), but to say that is in the ground, they can not yet.

— Where there was a collapse of soil, very old — told "Friday" Head of the Department of Art Art Museum Siberian Irkutsk region Irina Buhantseva. — So many assumptions. The house, which is now our museum, began to build in the late XIX century. It belonged to Barbara Kelch (Bazanova), daughter of the famous industrialist, millionaire Ivan Bazanova. Soon Barbara Ivanovna sold the building the first private commercial bank in Irkutsk, which lasted until the beginning of the October Revolution. After that, the building moved exposition Art Museum.

Now the museum staff closed the hole lattice. It was found that the walls of the tunnel lined with brick. "There are a lot of legends, though between warehouses and the bank (the building, which is now a museum) in the early twentieth century there was an underground passage by which people transferred or stored in a special safe money — said Irina. — In addition, before the street Large (Karl Marx) were fortifications. Maybe the tunnel — the old sewage or ventilation system. "

We cavers who inspected the tunnel, several versions of its origin. Or is the old store, or go from one building to another. To get to the truth, in a vertical tunnel necessary to pump groundwater. Cavers took samples of the water to see where it enters the tunnel. Also in the stone pit diggers found rotten planks and rusty hinges.

What will become of the tunnel, the museum staff just can not answer. Rather, it either zasyplyut or install the hatch. No archaeological sites will not need a lot of this material costs.

Timur Balashov

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