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The Bermuda Triangle has been a testing ground for a top-secret weapons of the United States? In the midst of a bloody war with Hitler in America gathered prominent scholars from all over Europe. Einstein, one of which was worth.

All these great minds were running from a madman Hitler, they all hated it. And despite his pacifist beliefs, were ready to do anything to stop the Nazi plague. That foreign scientists Albert Einstein and Carlos Allende is rumored to have developed the famous Philadelphia Experiment. Ideas were the most noble — to rescue from Nazi radar American vessels. But here's what came out of it … overturned all notions of natural phenomena.

Strange friend

Location — the neighborhood of Colorado Springs, one of the quiet evenings in 1970, late autumn. Two pilots — James Davis of Maryland and Allen Hughes from Texas — went for a walk to the nearby Memorial Park, taking with him a camera.

Suddenly Davis was approached by one of the visitors to the park. They got to talking. "You know, — he said — I'm in the war was a naval officer.'s Just they're dragged me into some kind of an adventure, and then I was kicked out and the same. Said I was crazy — he tapped his index finger on the forehead. — Only you do not believe it, it's all bloody experiment. And I just could not resist fucking load. So they kicked me. " The man pulled out his wallet and showed the worse for wear and, apparently, long outdated license: "You see? Navy." The man told a glass of beer Davis is, what he could not believe how much he tried.

Yet he shared the information with reporters one of the most popular American newspapers. Since then, many media reporters, as well as basic researchers are trying to find out all the details of one of the most secret and sensational experiments in the history of science.

How was it?

So, that said unknown to Davis and then find out that it was possible to journalists? The Philadelphia Experiment was also known as the "Project" Rainbow "- the name assigned to this research are those who supervise them. It was conceived as a top secret project that would decide the outcome of the Second World War. As part of the project" Rainbow, "the herald of the current technology "Stealth" ("low visibility"), the technical experiments to ensure invisibility ships to enemy radar. This created the "electromagnetic bubble" — a screen that would be averted by ship radar radiation. "Electromagnetic bubble" changes the external electromagnetic field around particular area — in this case the field is surrounded by a warship, "Eldridge."

Although the goal was only to achieve invisibility to radar ship, revealed a completely unexpected and radical side effect. He made the ship invisible to the naked eye and withdrew it from the space-time continuum. The ship suddenly appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, at a distance of hundreds of miles.

The project has been successful in the material, physical sense, but for the people involved was a brutal accident. While the ship "moved" from the Philadelphia Navy base in Norfolk and back again, the members of the crew completely disoriented. They left the physical world, but have not found a familiar environment, which could establish a connection. On his return to the naval base in Philadelphia, some could not move without relying on the wall. Those who survived were mentally abnormal, were in a state of terror.

Subsequently, all members of the team after a long period of rehabilitation have been dismissed as "mentally unbalanced." But the examination of "mental imbalance" has been very convenient to discredit the possible revelations about what happened.

As a result, research in the framework of the "Rainbow" suspended.

Despite the fact that a major discovery was made, it remains unclear whether human beings to survive in subsequent experiments. It was too risky to continue. Dr. John von Neumann, who headed the project, brought to work on the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb, which was the weapon that ended the Second World War.

The last argument

Most recently on TV open up 83-year-old Patrick Macey, who served in the 40-ies of the last century in the U.S. Navy. And that's what he told:

— With me was a very strange one occasion when I during the war he served in the Navy. I then worked for the control of audio and video materials, and once in 1945 in Washington, DC had the opportunity to see the film held on the sea experiment, which showed the highest ranks of the Navy. I remember only parts of the movie, because I was on duty and could not, like the others, to sit and watch it.

I did not know what, in fact, the film as a comment was not in it. But remember that it it was on three ships. It was shown how two ships pumped some energy of the third, who was standing between them. I then thought it was the sound waves, but nothing definite can not say I have, of course, these things are not dedicated. After some time, the average ship — the destroyer — started to fade in a transparent mist, so far from him was left alone on the trail of the water.

What is the finished work on teleportation than ended the study is unknown. Maybe the military did not consider it necessary to publicize their achievements. Maybe it was time. And we are still waiting in front of many mysteries.

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Over the years, interest in the mystery of it faded, then flared up again, there were more and more questions. In fact, if the Navy really succeeded — accidentally or intentionally — to achieve the effect of invisibility or teleporting (instantaneous movement of the material object from one point to another), it could serve as a results of this experiment is also an explanation of a number of mysterious events and numerous cases of disappearance in the area of the Earth, which is called the Bermuda Triangle? Why not assume that the Americans have turned this geographical area in the testing ground for teleportation devices? Then the mystery of the triangle are explained very easily.

Quite a few white spots and will be removed from the stories of UFO sightings, if confirmed conducting the Philadelphia Experiment. Strange objects that suddenly appear and disappear at different points of the Earth, it can be controlled aircraft the Pentagon, who just needed to gather military intelligence information.

Do Americans have learned to teleport? And why not? This phenomenon is now possible and necessary to keep a secret — it's a huge military superiority over any opponent. And if the data is to make public — followed by the ruin of thousands of air and rail companies, automotive companies. Unemployment for hundreds of millions of people.

Americans do not need it. They need a large and victorious war. And if the Philadelphia Experiment took place and was successful — they can win it.

Prepared by Alexei Vladimirov. / / Right Hand (Bryansk.) — 02.06.2004. — 022

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