Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle — the sunken Atlantis

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle constantly acquires new details and versions. For the first time the world community heard about the Bermuda Triangle, when soaring in clear weather from the U.S. military naval base torpedo — the bombers did not return, simply vanished into space, no debris, no bodies of the victims were found. Are you interested range night vision scope? Then, in the online store you easily select the desired target.

It is learned only one thing from the negotiations on the radio operator base that on board these machines refused navigation equipment, to determine the direction of the flight was impossible for the pilots, and the ocean seemed unusual to them, they fell, they said, in what — that white water. In search of the lost squadron were sent several planes, one of which is also completely "sunk into the water."

The wife of one of the missing instructor says that over the years, her husband is awake, calling to him and tells about his life in Atlantis: The inhabitants are teleported to Earth and in communicating with loved ones pass information about new discoveries that later become the property of mankind . Like it or not, no one knows who. Trying to get to Atlantis to her husband through the Bermuda Triangle has been hailed as a suicide and ended for her treatment in a psychiatric unit.

However, the doctor who treated the woman, soon dropped to practice medicine and devoted himself to studying the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. His attempt to contact the relatives of the missing pilots ended in failure — they all disappeared without a trace, and he soon faded into oblivion. The fate of all missing is unknown so far.

It is believed that the Atlanteans used as an energy source single crystals, using the energy of sunlight. One huge, fiery stone the size of a lake, was used as the central power of Atlantis. The principle of operation of these crystals is simple: they have accumulated solar energy, which the Atlanteans used for lighting as well. There is a suggestion that the Fire Stone is still at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, accumulating solar energy hitting and destroying planes and ships.

Who knows, maybe it was the glow of the Fire Stone, appeared before the missing pilots white abyss.

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