Mystery of the megalithic complex in Akyr Tas

Akyr Tas — Really a mystical place located either somewhere in Africa or South America, and in Kazakhstan. Who would have thought that here there is a strange structure, built by the megaliths. Moreover, it is one of the most powerful places of power …

Located 40 kilometers north of Taraz (Kazakhstan) stone ruins Akyr-Tas cause serious interest in local and foreign scientists mysterious origin and mystery destination.

The complex attracts with its energy as "sensei" and mere mortals who visit the complex in the number of unique historical objects Zhambyl region.

Psychics come to this deserted place to pray in silence, meditate,
fed with high energy. And "call Akyr-Tas" some days at the same time acts on the "sensei", even located in different cities.

It is not known to each other esoterica fans tell identical stories about how they "see" being on Akyr-Tasia "spaceport alien ships." There are times when gratuitously break and deaf machine if at an odd hour of ignorant people trying to get into this mystical place.

According to scientists, the area Akyr Tas represents a tectonic fault zone with huge underground cavities. There is an underground vault where is pumped gas reserves. These cavities and can create natural anomaly. Complex geotectonic processes in the bowels of Mother Earth have a strong impact on a person, evoking hidden reserves, enhancing physiological processes.

As they say "sensei" Akyr Tas — a natural generator that activates the "sleeper" cells of the body. On a physical level, this manifests itself purely individual — trans, exacerbation of feelings or other physical manifestations. But in any case, people in these places tend to have strong energy recovery, a burst of energy.

Modern landscaping antiquity

Today Akyr-Tac is one of the most visited tourist sites Zhambyl region, a popular historical and natural monuments. Thanks to the care of the Directorate of State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve "The monuments of ancient Taraz" historic complex located away from the busy highway in a water and desert area became quite civilized. The territory is fenced, within a stone paved paths, installed lights and benches. Now accustomed to the comfort of the foreign tourists not to, as before, tripping over rocks.

In 2012, the building is constructed of scientific information-analytical center with a conference room, a mini-hotel for the archaeologists, the study where in the pristine silence of archaeologists, historians can work. Provided round the clock security of the monument. In the near future opening of the directorate at the center of a small museum of artifacts, creating a garden. Young trees lovingly planted by local caretaker TilesbekomSerievym.

"Today in the Akyr-Tas within the national strategic program" Cultural Heritage ", which provides for the restoration of the monument and museumification are continuing work on complex scientific and archaeological studies and the creation of the Museum of Archaeology in the open air — said in an interview with the director of the museum Kazinforma -Reserve "Monuments of Ancient Taraz" Taken Moldakynov.

Speaking of the available results of archaeological work, T. Moldakynov noted that in deep water, in deep places of ground rocks, found strong fundamental masonry.

"These are huge blocks of stone up three and a half — four feet emerge from the topography of the land and sealed with a special solution. The ancient builders have installed water system that provides water from a mountain stream in the reservoir of the palace. The structure itself, of course, a big — a set of rooms connected by a stone passages that somewhat resembles the mysterious labyrinth of Egyptian pyramids.

No wonder the French researchers have a theory that directly links the pyramids of Giza with Akyr-Tasom. But it was really, why and by whom built — these questions no one has yet given a clear, evidence-based answers. It is known that in the VII century, when some of these sites passed the Chinese monk, who left his "shiftless notes," Akyr Tas he describes as ruins, and even then there was no explanation as to what kind of structure. In any case, those who erected these cyclopean walls and vaults were of a highly developed civilization, "- said the director of the Museum.

Oh, the roads ….

Do not do without the problems that the management of this unique monument and tourist attraction not able to solve.

"Five years ago, I was made to oblmaslihat proposal on the need to lay a good road to the historical and natural monuments of the area, located in remote parts of the region — Akyr-Tas Valley Berikkara — said T. Moldakynov. — It is necessary for the development of international tourism, creating a comfortable infrastructure. Then decided on Akyr-Tacy was a project worth 380 million tenge. Now I do not know how much it will cost, but the road is still there. "

Among the tourist attractions of the region that are hard to reach places, numbers, except Akyr-Tas Valley and Reserve Berikkara a tourist complex "Tau samaly", even mystical beauty of the gorge Koksai, and sacred mountain sanctuary Merka and Zhaisan.

"All these things are worthy to attract tourists to our region from around the world — said T. Moldakynov. — For example, Akyr Tas protected by the state, especially pilgrims come here from Kazakhstan, from other countries, and foreign scientists. And from the slopes here are eight kilometers terrible road. One has to somehow justify telling guests that it is such a "Kazakhstan's extreme" …

Jambul area has all the conditions for the development of tourism. In the opinion of many representatives of Kazakhstan and foreign tourist industry or region of Kazakhstan is not so richly endowed with historical and archaeological sites, unique natural areas, as Zhambyl. But foreign tourists only monuments, without good roads and familiar to them hospitality and other services, as such terms and a roll not fetch ….

Akyr-Tas, "last stone" on the edge of the world, the abode of aliens and asylum psychics, mysterious and incomprehensible, radiating energy and hiding secrets today in anticipation of their researchers, tourists and normal roads.



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