Mystic Mirror




"One day, being in the city of Lviv, I went to the famous historic cemetery where there were many ancient tombs and crypts. Was attached to the tour, and after graduation became acquainted with the guide. We got to talking, and I invited him to their famous beer cellar, where the beer is served directly through the hoses from the factory, who was above the basement.
Naturally, we were talking about the crypts, ghosts and stories associated with it. The tour guide (call it N) was a historian, worked as a journalist and was no stranger to research. Here's what he told me.

His colleague told him the idea to go through the looking glass (on the other side, in the past). He was a descendant of an old noble family, the cemetery was located and his family crypt. NA agreed to help him. A colleague warned that guide it in the vault will not allow — during the experiment, he should be there alone. AN helped bring the equipment, four video cameras, pictures, mirrors, candles. Shooting and sound had to go into automatic mode. N. arranged with the guard to insure that his colleague, if something happens out of the ordinary.

What to do in the crypt of the experimenter for all remains a mystery: electric lights, candles, mirrors and paintings of ancestors — all he has set himself and did not tell anyone, for any scheme. N. was only known that the test itself was supposed to be at the center of the crypt. Prior to that, he studied a lot of material about their ancestors and various works on magic mirrors.

Here's what then told the guard: "The action began at 24.00. At first it was flashing, the electric light went out, lit candles, and all this in silence. About an hour later he heard the sounds, voices, singing, and at three o'clock started shaped mayhem heard screams for help. Me and my partner got into the crypt and saw on the floor tortured test. He was in the blood bubbled foam on his lips, his eyes looked crazy. Inside, all were killed, broken, torn apart into pieces … "

Test on "fast" was sent to a psychiatric hospital. The next day went to N. patient. To the colleague was not allowed because he was in a state rampage, but the attending physician N. spoke. The doctor told him everything I knew of the crazy shouting patient. It turned out that somehow managed to reach my goal — to get to the past, going through a corridor of mirrors, which he built in the crypt. And now all his senses perceive only the previously occurring events. Even the food he wants this, what his ancestors ate, requires skins instead of sheets and blankets. His speech now and then is not clear, he begins to speak in an unknown language.

After visiting the sick N. immediately went to the cemetery — for videotapes, but they did not find the crypt. The guard said he did not take anything, but all the video equipment was open, and the cassette is clearly laid out.

For a year miserable lives as if in another dimension … "

Yuri Pronikin, Moscow

The Secret Power of 15.2003

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