NASA begins search for life on Mars

NASA announced that they are ready for launch to Mars rover named Curiosity ("Curiosity"). One of the main tasks of the robot will search for traces of organic life on the planet. Curiosity rover will travel to space travel tomorrow, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Space project "Curiosity", which many journalists call history for the American space agency, NASA has managed to one given in 1.6, and on the other — to $ 2.5 billion. The rover Curiosity is much larger than their predecessors — the apparatus Opportunity and Spirit. It is comparable in size to the small cars. Starting rover on the morning on Saturday 26 November from the Kennedy Space Center, located at Cape Canaveral. It is expected that the rover will reach the Red Planet in September, and the most optimistic projections, in August 2012. According to scientists, the Earth's spacecraft will enter the Martian atmosphere at a speed of more than 5000 kilometers per hour.

Despite the fact that NASA specialists are confident in the success of its Mars mission, with some experts eagerly await the hour when Curiosity will land on Mars. Many refer to the time of landing apparatus "six minutes of terror", as in the earth's gravity, scientists were not able to recreate the "unforeseen circumstances", will have to face rover. Many of them were modeled on a computer. This means that NASA can soon expect some unpleasant surprises associated with Curiosity.

Mars rover "Curiosity" will move across the surface of the Red Planet on six wheels with a diameter of 50.8 centimeters. Curiosity will land in Gale crater, where a lot of minerals and sulfates that can live only in warm and humid environment. Scientists suggest that these conditions are sufficient for the appearance of organic life forms. "Curiosity" will hold on Mars two Earth years, during which — if the "six minutes of terror" did not last longer — the device will be on the surface of the Red Planet 20 kilometers. All this time he will take samples of extraterrestrial soil and send them to Earth.

Earlier it was reported that the start of Curiosity scheduled for November 25, but later NASA decided to postpone the launch by one day. The "Curiosity" is the 19th Martian mission in U.S. history.

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