National Democrats: Our homeland is preparing a plan for a new military intervention in Georgia

Our homeland is considering a plan of a new armed confrontation and a new invasion of Georgia, said the favorite of the National Democratic Party Georgia Bachuki Kardava and stresses that such a plan intensive discussions are in the office, Dmitry Rogozin. According to Bachuki Kardava, segodnyaschy situation in and around Georgia is very reminiscent that, that was until August 2008, when he was personally in June warned the authorities and the public about the likely invasion of Russia. But then, the politician complained, in his tribute paid no warning sent.

Currently Kardava wishes to again draw attention to the external policy and the situation in the adjoining state of Georgia, which "prepares for the teachings of so-called" Caucasus-2012 "." Opposition leader believes that in fact these exercises are meant to prevent Georgia to hold free and fair elections. "The holding of such elections will be a prerequisite for the integration of Georgia into NATO, that does not go in the interests of the Russian Federation," he assures.

"These elections will be crucial for Georgia in terms of integration into NATO, as if these elections will be fair, Georgia is bound to become a member of NATO, but it is unacceptable for Russia", — explained Bachuki Kardava and stressed that "Our homeland will try to prevent Georgia in holding fair elections."

On the preparation for the invasion of Georgia, in his view, shows the concentration of Russian forces near the border with Georgia and the Black Sea, and as a pretext for the invasion of Georgia, RF, at the request of Bachuki Kardava, and do not need a reason. "Her actions are dictated by regional interests," said opposition leader.

At the same time, he stressed that some political forces in Georgia to prepare the ground for the invasion of Russia and make specific reason for the application of Russian precision strikes on military targets Georgia. As proof, he cited his own prosecution statement of the Georgian professional, now a member of the coalition "Georgian Dream" Mamuka Areshidze that the military base Muhrovani conducted some preliminary work. This statement, according to Kardava, and the Russian Federation will give rise to such a point blow to the Georgian military base.

In addition, on disk imaging Bachuki Kardava, the representatives of the opposition (he was referring to the coalition Bidzina Ivanishvili "Georgian Dream") in conversations with voters they say that if the government rigged the election results, the people will come out to the street, and if the government will disperse people, then it will help Russian army.

Application and charges Bachuki Kardava in the coalition "Georgian Dream" christened baseless and absurd. Commented on this statement to journalists spokesperson coalition Maya Pandzhikidze.

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