National Patriotic Party of the Russian Federation to make public appeal to Medvedev

The national-patriotic forces RF announced an appeal to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for help to "establish democracy in Russia and the revival of our country." KM.RU is the full text of this appeal.

"Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich!

The loss of state system of Russia and its political institutions of moral legitimacy in the eyes of the people and society has become a natural fact. Public awareness has already generated, and the weight of its own citizens in the Russian Federation does not accept the policy, and no matter what, even outside of the positive initiative is evaluated by an overwhelming majority of people very negatively if it comes from the establishment.

Realizing that specifically people — The carrier of the municipal sovereignty and the only real source of power, the universities of state power of the Russian Federation are trying in every way to show another fundamental principle of its own origin. Municipal power for the past two decades, dissolve the people's attention, forcing the public debate on the personal and non-significant dilemmas for the people of the "monetization" and endless "choice" between "democracy and the danger of a Communist comeback", "modernization" and "innovation development", "nanotechnology" and Besides similar fabrications. Certain strategic work to get the country out of the systemic crisis actually is, the general state of the country is constantly worsening, and the state of people's lives dramatically reduced.

In the absence of recognized and shared by society goals and meanings of existence of the system of state power of the Russian Federation to independently determine their own work tasks, she later them as best he can, and makes itself evaluates the results. Municipal and political acquired a closed system like the "manual" control and, increasingly, and more focused on solving their own own "systemic" problems staying focused on the needs and interests of the people only on the facts of a more outrageous deviations.

In the current atmosphere of political ambitions priority over the interests of the state elections of 2011-2012 can be recognized by society as illegitimate, because this is all there is reason to. Unconstitutional laws on elections and turned the election and presentable authorities hostages party politics. Instead of consolidating people's representatives we litsezreem fractionation and mercantile oppression of dissent. And at the elections — shameless use of "administrative resources", which can only be regarded as an assault on the basis of the constitutional order, to substitute ideology of voters held view of the authorities.

In either the address has been accessed unregistered party, pointing to the trivial facts of falsification of the political system and the total violation of the rights of people who are denied the right to form their political association and exercise their constitutional right to elect and be elected.

Indeed, in Russia is almost no one left who seriously support those parties who are admitted to the election authority. Most voters want to vote, "luck", but would reduce the total party "United Russia". With all of this very hard to find people who believe in the fact that the vote in the elections will be counted fairly.

That's why you have to take a decision to postpone the election and quickly as possible to return constitutional order, removing all of the refractive index of the Constitution of the Russian Federation legislation on elections and the law on political parties. Because for you, and it was pointed out that at present the danger posed by the Russian state itself.

The crisis is already evident maneuverability, and ahead — collapse, which will complete distrust exacerbated by the people at least some power.

We want to invite you to skip the joie de vivre in the criteria of the latest threat to civilization and the country. You must perform its own debt guarantor of the Constitution. Either your fate — to go down in history only a harbinger of the modern Troubles.

We, the representatives of broad social layers of society and the land of, do not ask, but demand fundamentally change people's attitude to the formation of the consulate, which is now completely and one hundred percent fictitiously.

Realizing the state disability system and its political institutions, seeing their willingness to sacrifice national interests of the Russian Federation for their own personal benefit, we must, by analogy with our forefathers, to stop majestically Troubles and foreign intervention in 1612, to form on its own organizing committee for the preparation of the Zemsky Sobor of — Russian Land Council as the executive body of the people of the cathedral, which is the criteria is actually imminent collapse of the current Russian political system and following it anarchy will be able to take responsibility for the fate of the country.

In your power to support this initiative and, with an emphasis on real people and representatives with real authority, not invented by "Rating", to promote the fundamental reform of the political system of, crush corruption, abolish the oligarchic monopolies, to bring the media to the service of moral civilization.

Do you still have a chance to look within themselves the courage and example to show that in some authorities are not only traitors, thieves and fool, words and deeds contribute to the establishment of democracy in Russia, the revival of our country as the majestic power, which can only be in the way of public meanings and purposes of distinctive values and historical traditions.

Your refusal to restore constitutional order in the country, we will have to be considered as renunciation of the will of the people and unjustified obstacle because people expected the Transformation of the Fatherland. "

The organizing committee for the preparation of the Provincial Council RF — Russian Land Council:
The People's Assembly of the Russian Federation (plainclothes Initiative)
Chairman M. Lermontov

Military Imperial Russian Federation Alliance
LG Chairman Ivashov

Senior officers of the Russian Federation Council
First deputy chairman of the VP Petrov

Alliance sailors of the Russian Federation
Chairman of the AF Kresik

The party "for our country"
Co-Chair of AI Vladimirov

The party "Great Russia"
Chairman A. Saveliev

Party "Homeland: common sense"
Member of the Bureau of the Presidium VI Owl

Party Protection of the Constitution of the Russian "Rus"
Secretary DSP AI Nikitin

Monarchist Party "Autocratic Russia"
Chairman DN Merkulov

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