Nationalism leads to the disintegration of Ukraine

At the moment, we talk about Ukraine's independence can only be irreparable romantic. This is particularly dependent country, ability which carry an independent foreign and domestic policies are kept to a minimum. Admit it bitterly, and it is difficult to refute.

Naturally, we can not say that in Kiev ruled hundred percent dolls, but they make such a complete dependence on external borrowing from the markets of products from imported products, and the rulers themselves are hostages of the capital, which at the time they took over the border. In addition, the debtor Ukraine international creditors, and it obliges any state to do, to put it mildly, the requests of those countries and organizations, which at one time provided financial leverage Ukrainian people. The other is not given. And if suddenly someone decides to pursue an independent policy, the Ukrainian government will be challenges. For example, in Ukraine, the situation will deteriorate rapidly with what-that democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, instantly falls fabulous vkladyvatelnaya attraction collapses what-then the money rating. In the end, there can occur weird terrorist attack or sudden tragedy, in which die very independent politician. Best of all, the above described is not something out of the ordinary. History knows many examples when what-then there is objectionable ruler of the country, eliminate it. After all, Ukraine is no different from the states affected by the direct external aggression as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan or Iraq. In this hard to believe? I think that at one time, and the citizens of Yugoslavia did not believe that NATO planes will bombard Belgrade.

We live in a very fun time when the mighty of the world, the living is obviously not in the Ukraine, allegedly did not know what they do. These people assure us that in a country have nuclear or chemical weapon, and if right now is not to bomb the country, tomorrow the world will end for all civilization. Therefore, bombard, invade, but then did not find threatening the world. Error intelligence. They also support municipal coups in Third World countries, hoping for democratization, but locking their populations in a civilian war, chaos in the upcoming suggesting the rise to power of the rulers even more violent than the previous ones. Refuel the global economy with money and people are not aware about the global decline. They mutter puzzled about any sudden dilemmas in the economies of Greece, Spain and Italy. Even zakormlenny television popcorn tradesman must once in your life imagine that the world can not edit constantly erring nerds, and means everything that happens in the world — is the result of purposeful activity of the world's elite.

In 2004, Ukrainians sang "Together we are rich," standing on the Maidan. Of course, none of those who had lived for several months in the cold, slept in tents and ate porridge from a field kitchen, never accept the fact that he was taken to shift power. Only here the artifice coup it does not cancel. But the real motives of the "orange Maidan", in my opinion, were reduced to a probable change in Ukraine's pro-Western course. As Leonid Kuchma in 2000, tried to get out from under the tutelage of the West, to a rapprochement with Russia, then burst out, "Mail scandal" about the supply of weapons to Iraq, was killed journalist Gongadze Jora appeared film Melnichenko, defamatory President of Ukraine, and so began called the action "Ukraine without Kuchma". In 2001, the coup failed, but in 2004, Ukraine has already finished off, resulting in the power completely clueless, but so is completely controlled by the West Yushchenko. With all this aerobatics Western strategists lies not in the fact that they continually give some orders to own a doll, but the fact that it is without the help of others, and with all my heart holds pro-Western policies, even if that is contrary to the national interests of the country. In fact, in the West find a candidate with a certain kind of disposition required for a specific tasks, and later pushed him into power. Was really Yushchenko Ukrainian president should be judged on his achievements, which he did not have.

Ukrainians have different attitudes to ex-President Viktor Yushchenko. For anybody it nationalist, someone finds it a loser, a traitor or infirm person. On one they say is not enough: Yushchenko has split Ukraine. It was his mission, and he just could not control it so brilliantly. Before him galichansky nationalism matured as an abscess, but in general, the situation was under control of the central government. After coming to power of the "democratic Ukrainian president," the nationalists got out of their own caches and are not going to climb back. They consider all of Ukraine fiefdom, which need to impose their own rules. They no longer see themselves as outcasts, the inheritance of which to be a public presentation of the stimuli. They have become a political force, claiming the full power in the country, and, most importantly, the company believes this frivolous claim is fully justified.

In the Square Ukrainians tear at each other's throat for movu, for history, but unless the issue is a funny thing, it is not realistic to judge by owning just common sense? Which Aboriginal is not clear that the language in which freely provides 100% of the population, which as their mother more than half of the people of the country should be the municipal? Neuzh then forgotten that majestically Russian USSR won the war, not Germany, on the side which fought wars Ukrainian nationalists? There would be another story, another favorite — would be a different story, but our soldiers have taken Berlin, not the Germans and their helpers — Moscow. Rewrite the history of not only unrealistic, but also fraught with tragic consequences for Ukraine. No chance of Bandera "heroes" of the whole of Ukraine, since two thirds of Ukrainians have other heroes — are certain fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers who fought in the Red Army.

Ukraine is what it is. Energetic sample rewrite the past, to change the Ukrainians themselves lead to the collapse of the government. For me just say that this scenario is likely, it is realized not only through thoughtlessness of some local politicians, but with the blessing of the feed and its Western backers. Certain circles in the West are well aware that in the so-called "democratic opposition" in Ukraine are hiding nationalists. And about the infringement of the rights of Russian people they also perfectly understandable, but for some reason specific to the antics of these "democrats" Western politicians prefer to close their eyes. No similar support nationalists, in principle, could be an influential political force in Ukraine.

Federalization, which they say are increasingly in Ukraine, there is a response to the actions of the nationalists, who are not willing to make any compromises with the Russian citizens of Ukraine. I do not think the West is able to offer Ukraine the financial and economic assistance, and so I can imagine that if the deterioration of the financial and economic situation in the country, the idea of federalization will go to the second plan, and they will come to replace the regional separatism, and there will be new slogans "enough to feed the parasites." So Makar, suspend the decay of the country may cease forceful Ukrainianization and falsification of history, equal rights of the Russian and Ukrainian languages. Salvation is of the Ukrainian economy may be only at establishing normal economic relations with Russia, Ukraine's accession to the common economic space and the Customs Alliance.

I perfectly underst
and that the Ukrainian elite comfortable fooling citizens about European integration, before the election Tipo establish business with Russia, do not go anywhere and not be accountable to anyone. Likewise, I perfectly understand what pressure may be exerted on power from the West, but once you need to make a decision, so that at one point, did not turn out to be without power, and without the country, and, obviously, without accessories and capital. Sad experience upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East have at least something to teach the Ukrainian elite. All the more so that in Ukraine there is no 1st policy, which enjoys even a small part of the support that had Gaddafi or Mubarak.

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