NATO — a wolf in sheeps clothing. Article GA Zyuganov in the newspaper Pravda and Soviet Russia

Why the Russian Federation to join the Alliance?

On the backdrop of the global crisis, in which a hole Our homeland failed deeper than the other leading countries of the world, management policy of our country there are new unsafe conditions. We are talking about the upcoming plans for the sale of shares of strategic companies, commercialization of education, health and culture, rapid retraction of the Russian Federation to the World Trade company.

In the near future suddenly resumed and has long been stalled discussions on Russia's membership in NATO. Pro-government experts and journalists strongly substantiate the need for this step. Chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Development (Institute of Contemporary Development), Mr. I. Jurgens at an international forum in Yaroslavl in September publicly appointed vtaskivaniya idea of in the NATO. Chairman of the Board of Trustees is the president of the Institute of Contemporary Development of the Russian Federation. Does not this mean that Mr Jurgens received the "go-ahead" for his initiative of the head of administration of the country?

Russian President himself wants to take part in the NATO summit in Lisbon on November 19-20 During nedavneshney meeting with NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, A. D. Medvedev said that the meeting in Lisbon not only give a "fresh start in relations between NATO and Russia, and will mark the modernization of mutual relations."

There is nothing new in this "fresh start" no. As you know, the way for a rapprochement with the West on the capitulation criteria paved Gorbachev and his "human values." Flirting with the U.S. and its allies ended badly for our country. But the lessons from the leaders of the Russian Federation have not been recovered.

Yeltsin gave consent for the first wave of NATO expansion to the borders of the Russian Federation, supported the anger against Yugoslavia — our only ally in Europe. But at the end of Yeltsin's rule, it became clear that the "partners" openly took him by the nose. Furious, Yeltsin authorized the eminent company of Russian Airborne Troops march on the capital of Kosovo — Pristina. On the more it was not enough. And soon, Mr. Putin began all at first.

One of the first steps of the new president was to secure the ratification of the State Duma sadly famous Contract START-2, which could lead to the elimination of our languid missiles. Rescued by the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation only the refusal of the U.S. Congress to ratify the contract. Then the Russian authorities almost agreed to a second wave of NATO expansion, now in the Baltic area. Soon, under the pretext of counterterrorism role in the international coalition, Mr Putin actually contributed to the emergence of NATO bases in Central Asia. Were immediately eliminated important principle for Russia bases in Cuba and Vietnam.

But after six years of unremitting efforts to strengthen relations with NATO, Putin suddenly found that the response courtesy of the West is not going to do, and just keeps coming up with new demands, threatening to control the RF international tribunal for the war in Chechnya. Therefore, in February 2007, Russian President said the Munich-known anti-NATO speech reflected his deepest indignation cunning "partners."

Now the same path being pushed hard by President Medvedev. Recently the Lisbon NATO session produced a number of great preliminary steps. Signed next "disarmament" a contract with the United States. Moscow's support for tougher sanctions against Iran and broke a contract for the supply of air defense systems to Tehran defensive. There were unacceptable attacks against North Korea. Without provocation aggravated case with Belarus. Great gift made the coming U.S. ally in NATO — Norway, which received vast areas in the Barents Sea, foreign rights on which our country has never acknowledged.

Now, it seems, is preparing a translation of Russia's relations with NATO to a new level as a step toward becoming a part of this brutal block.

NATO: the euro to a global policeman

Recall that the union was created April 4, 1949 tipo to save Europe from the invasion of "red hordes" from the east. Meanwhile, one of the favorites of NATO acknowledged then that the real purpose of the block — «to keep America in, Germany down and Russia out» («keep America in Europe and Germany — in a subordinate position, and Russia — outside Europe").

It would seem that after the destruction of the Soviet Union lost the meaning of NATO. But the union is not only preserved, and expands and increases its strength. The true meaning of its conservation fully clarified predatory aggression against Yugoslavia friendly to us, and the intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It became clear that NATO as before is an inventory to ensure the global ambitions of the United States and its allies. Moreover, according to the views of Western strategists, its role is growing.

The fact is that the world is rapidly changing the balance of power. When, in 1999, members of the alliance enthusiastically latest strategic concept that transformed NATO from a defensive, euro, an alliance offensive unit with the global zone acts no resistance to this was not and is not in sight. Our home was in ruins "reforms", the political and financial power of China is not yet fully apparent.

Now, as the crisis has shown that the impact zone of the world oligarchy, which is based in North America and Europe, is shrinking. Under the influence of Communist China in Asia — not so long ago purely providers of natural resources and the cheapest kind of labor in Europe and the U.S. — are the main factors in world politics. Similar processes take place in Latin America. Voedinyzhdy connected in anti-colonial African Alliance countries of the Black continent, not so long ago who were boundless field for the robbery of the transnational corporations (TNCs). Middle East and Islamic world as a whole are in tough confrontation with the West.

The fight for the lead intensified. The economic crisis has further weakened the system of capitalism. International oligarchy voedinyzhdy connects the richest people of the planet, above the 500 most powerful transnational corporations owning capital of 16 trillion. bucks and producing more than 25% of the world's industrial production.

This "elite" does not want to lose its hegemony over the planet, won by centuries of wars of aggression. Hence the brand new string of military conflicts, anger against Iran and North Korea, a growing pressure on China.

The West tends to greater consolidation of power in the name of self-rule. And if 90 years have debated the question of the meaning of existence, NATO, now oligarchy, concerned the configuration of balance of forces in the world, vigorously create in him a policeman. We pose the task — to expand the system of global control over the entire surface of the land and sea attacks on at least some of the planet. NATO transformed into a supranational body, trying to overturn the established after the second world war system of international law and the subjugation of the United Nations.

Back in 1993, Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book "Out of Control" has publicly stated that "if America lust to control the world, and the lust of it, then it must establish supremacy over Eurasia, especially over the" Western periphery "(European Union) on its core (Our Fatherland), the Middle East, Central Asia and its oil reserves. " But the assessment of a large South American essayist John Kaminski: "Our military is not fighting for freedom. This is a fight for corporate profits … The army exists to capture and plunder o
ther nations and peoples. "

At a meeting in Lisbon, the participants will have to approve the latest strategic concept of NATO, which will change the old, adopted in May 1999, in which block appropriated for itself the right to global intervention. In the new concept is meant to confirm that NATO will continue to expand to the east, will retain tactical nuclear weapon States in Europe, will create together with the U.S. European missile defense system, inevitably directed against Russia.

Oligarchic capital, realizing the danger to its global hegemony emanating from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, trying to counterattack. But its resources continue to decline.

Russia dragged into the war in Afghanistan

What at first worried about NATO? The fact that the colonial expeditions lack of "cannon fodder". NATO convulsively finds allies. Now Afghanistan is about 150 thousand troops from 47 nations. There had driven many of the former republics of the USSR: Estonia — 160 soldiers, Latvia — 170 Lithuania — 245, Azerbaijan — 90, Armenia — 40, Ukraine — 15, Georgia — 925 servicemen.

From our nedavneshnih Warsaw Pact allies claimed more weighty role. Thus, Poland is holding in Afghanistan in 2630 soldiers and officers, Romania — 1750, Hungary — 360, Bulgaria — 540 Czech Republic — 500, Slovakia — 300 of their own military. Even Mongolia was forced to dispatch nearly 200 troops. Can you hesitate, that of the Russian Federation will require more "worthy" contribution to the "struggle for democracy" in Afghanistan?

What does Article 5 of the NATO Charter? It means that all members of the unit have to come to the defense of any state — a member of the alliance attacked. Character attacks are not defined. Under it is great "terrorist threat", which is currently being blown in the West. Those who draws Russia into NATO, should be aware that our homeland is to protect the collective interests of the alliance. And not only in Afghanistan …

It seems that Washington is not without reason unacceptable that the Russian government so far refuses to "sacred duty" of all the partners of the U.S. — to wage war for the South American interests. In Washington, louder they say about intervention in Iran. "Cannon fodder" will need more and more.

Western public rejects obviously futile war in the Middle East, much less that "noble" goal "fight against international terrorism" fade quickly, and the costs and the flow of coffins from Afghanistan are growing just as fast. Because for the favorites NATO is very fundamentally portray that this war has broad international support. This is a general favorite South American way: to shift the responsibility for its colonial adventures on allies. So it was in the 50s in Korea, so it was in the 60s in Vietnam. This is the case at present in Afghanistan.

Already, the NATO secretary general says openly about the direction this country Russian helicopter, and at a meeting at the Pentagon a few months back the U.S. Secretary of Defense put before Mr. Serdyukov, the question of sending to Afghanistan airborne units of the Russian Federation and parts for special purposes. We have not heard the strong opposition from the Russian side of this kind of offers.

But it is clear that during a trip to the headquarters of the first unit in Brussels, the heads of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov had been fully restored Russia-NATO military ties and signed a number of agreements on permanent command post exercises to test the comparability of the troops and their interactions , an educational exchange of military personnel, other activities aimed at the integration of the Armed Forces in the NATO structures.

With all of this Western strategists agree to Russia in the union only as an ordinary member, giving to understand that the owner of a block of one — the United States. Our homeland has to transform from an unsafe competitor, which it was necessary to detain outside of Europe, obedient vassal. In other words, the formula is changed. Now the meaning of NATO was to "keep the Americans in, and Germany and Russia — in a subordinate position."

The consequences of the accession of Russia to NATO

In the case of joining the union, our country severely limits its foreign policy independence. She will be required to coordinate their actions with the top NATO's easier to say, any time ask permission to international initiatives. She gets a "common enemy." We all need to think about that in the case of Russia's membership in NATO and the Far East our southern border can be reincarnated in the first zone of the last tension, and then in the field.

Like all other members of the alliance, our homeland will be a fait accompli "friendly occupation" with the rise in our country and the forces of NATO bases frisky response to the beginning of the free transportation through the terrain of Russia NATO equipment. As a result of this transformation Our homeland is changing its Eurasian geopolitical point. So Russia's membership in NATO would be a prelude to its destruction.

For the Russian economy this move would mean the final defeat of our military-industrial complex, has long served as a source of the greatest achievements of science and technology, more advanced forms of work organization. After all, we will inevitably be forced to run across to the standards of NATO, to take foreign military equipment. This process is well underway. Already made purchases of British rifles, Israeli drones, Italian armored vehicles, preparing to "contract of the century" — the purchase is not suitable French helicopter of the Russian Navy. According to estimates by General Ivashov, in the coming years, more than 30% of military equipment in Russia is supplied from the Allied States and Israel.

With all of this the actual cessation of the production Tu-204 and Il-96 means that we not only find ourselves at the mercy of the West in a passenger aircraft equipment, and soon will not be able to build aircraft for military transport aircraft. And in the event of a conflict does not get spare parts and repair facilities for passenger planes, which have always been a mobilization reserve.

At the same regimen completely fits the devastating "reform" of the Armed Forces. It is associated with the name of Mr Serdyukov. But it looks like it has the support of the activities of management of the country. Sad experience of these "reforms" have. The once-strong army of the former states — Contract of the Warsaw — Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania — now turned into a "contingent" quite incapable of defending the country and its population, but have become a source of mercenaries for the colonial wars of the United States.

The same fate was realized once mighty Yugoslav People's Army. After a municipal coup in October 2000, when the authorities in Belgrade captured pro-Western forces, a series of "reforms" of the Yugoslav army turned it into a tiny shadow of real, not so long ago fully capable of repelling the NATO ground invasion.

Russian authorities have demolished them inherited from the USSR science and the defense industry to such an extent that we have lost the ability to produce a sufficient amount of not only new, and indeed almost all its arms. And there is no time for opponents of harsh homeland army, demoralized and disarmed "reformers", almost lost the ability to defend Russia.

Reorganization of the structure of the Armed Forces, the transition to the brigade system, purchases of foreign military equipment, joint exercises on the ground the U.S. and Europe, the refusal to take military cadets and students of universities — is not nothing like the forced military training module for docking residues Russian army and navy to expeditionary forces of the U.S. and NATO.

this means one thing: Our homeland voluntarily loses status as a leading power in the world and into the more brutal subjugation forces. Neuzh that our nation is worthy of winning such fate?

Can you trust the friendliness of NATO?

Facts — a persistent thing. And they testify to the continuing gradually preparing for NATO's intervention in Russia. As the number of groups in the European theater of operations we give NATO 10-12. Exclusively in Europe, NATO has 36 divisions, 120 teams, 11 thousand tanks, 23 thousand guns, 4,5 thousand military aircraft. Why do we need such a large military power? To fight against international terrorism, which now serves as the main justification for the existence of NATO?

Meanwhile, according to the professionals, in 70% of all operational activities, exercises, command-NATO war games address issues of entry into the original period of large-scale war, the conquest of the air, carrying out offensive operations. Now the Alliance has no other enemy against which to conduct large-scale operations, not counting Russia. So we can say without fear that NATO wants to invade us.

Grouping unit built up everywhere. There is a strategic encirclement of Russia. Time creates a hostile RF countries. U.S. bases there are in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania — on the shores of the Black Sea. Baltic countries are already given under NATO control. There modernized naval bases and airfields, which are now able to take immediately to 200 combat aircraft, including vehicles for nuclear weapons. And from Estonia to Leningrad — less than 200 km. NATO strike aircraft can lobbing rockets, even going into our air space.

Ukraine and Moldova are constantly on the verge of joining NATO. Georgia is one hundred percent in his pocket. Azerbaijan is uniformly slides to the alliance. In Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan has its air bases. New members of the alliance, including the Baltic states, are not limited in their placement on the location of nuclear weapons, not shrouded by CFE restrictions, allowing you to create striking forces in their areas.

Ceaselessly working to establish control over our Northern Fleet — the most powerful group of marine nuclear forces. NATO uses the tracking station in Norway and the Baltic countries, radio control posts on Svalbard. Acoustic buoys, satellites and reconnaissance aircraft "Orion" watching every movement of our nuclear submarines. Increases the activity of NATO reconnaissance aircraft along our borders.

What's behind the retraction of the Russian Federation to NATO

Russian summit long trying to fit into the world oligarchy. But she hinted that the only way the "club" — a NATO military campaign. Like, at first povoyuyte for us to spill the blood of its own citizens in the name of Western values, and then we maybe think about taking you to the "club."

'Unexpected' enthusiasm to join the bloc — this is another proof of the class unity of the Russian Federation and the tops of — members of NATO. Segodnyaschy the ruling group of the Russian Federation has been not so much modernization as "Westernization" of.

Preparing for the "Westernization" is a long time. The pro-Western elite of Russia constantly claims that no opponents of the Russian Federation. Besides just fabulous "international terrorists." Makers of our foreign policy stubbornly unwilling to create the trivial fact that the historical goals of the West have not changed and that Russia there as previously seen only as a cheap source of minerals and the market for unsold products.

NATO march columns on Red Square in the holy day of Victory May 9, 2010 fully demonstrated that the case goes to the "merger of souls." We try to instill that people, sent the first of his son — Yuri Gagarin — into space, can only pick up the crumbs from the western tables. The upcoming rematch unbridled liberalism, when they are going to privatize more than 900 companies, including strategic, means that for the sake of greed and greedy interests is sacrificed national security of the country.

By the way, Russian summit is inconsistency. Aggressively opposing the admission of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, Moscow suddenly assert their intention to join the bloc. The Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation this unit is designated as the head of our enemy. We will be incorporated into the company cerebral enemy?

Apparently, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation President specifically determines the foreign policy of the country. Together with those leaders of the Russian Federation should not forget about the provision of the Constitution which states that the source of power in Russia is the people. Apparently, the sharp change in the historical course of the country asking the consent of the people. Mechanism for obtaining such consent is very well known: the referendum.

If segodnyaschy Russian power feels his infallibility, let them raise the issue of joining the NATO to a referendum. Most likely will not put! Since knows: the historical memory of the people remains firmly in the minds of the past, "visits" in Russia of our European neighbors, whether in the form of the Polish intervention of the Time of Troubles, the invasion of the armies of Napoleon or Hitler's hordes with legions of the SS, representing virtually all of today's NATO countries.

Our homeland for their safety has already paid millions of lives during the second world war, liberated Europe from fascism. To strengthen the security of the Russian Federation, you should not ask to NATO, and to develop its industry, education and science. It is necessary to revive its armed forces. It is necessary to restore the circle of friends and allies — Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Organization of the Collective Security contract. But first you need to seek the creation of the Union of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, which connected voedinyzhdy a potential 3-Slavic peoples. This is the best guarantee of our security. So it was for many centuries of life in a common state. This will continue.

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