NATO clears the way for the rebels

At the request of the Libyan rebel city of Sirte, which is the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi is in their hands. The rebels captured all the major oil centers on the coast. From the air, clearing the way rebels aviation international coalition. This allows them to move confidently to the west. Keep control of all military actions undertaken North Atlantic bloc. Troops NATO heads the command of all military operations in Libya.

According to the Secretary General NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen's coalition military operations are under the control of NATO. The aim of the alliance is to protect the civilian population from possible attacks by supporters of Gaddafi.

For the Libyan rebels did not matter who heads the management of bombing. The main thing is that they were in principle. Were it not for the support of the European and U.S. troops in Ajdabiya is unlikely to be heard signals horns, symbolizing the victory.

The rebels managed to take Brega, Bin Jawad, the port of Ras Lanuf, captured half of the "oil Crescent Libya. " But the Gulf of Sirte with the oil facilities once again is on the side of the opposition, who said she intends to soon resume the world's oil supply. Help her in this will provide Qatar.

By destroying the remnants of the army tanks Gaddafi, militias are on track towards the capital. Help them in this coalition air strikes. The opposition has already left Sirte, where the positions Gaddafi has always been strong. The city of Sirte and left many civilians inhabitants. Despite assurances from the military coalition that touch only bombing military targets, and the destruction of civilian casualties in the middle to avoid, still did not work.
According to the press secretary of the Government of disk imaging Libya Moussa Ibrahim, the management calls immediately stop the bloodshed and violence, and to begin to negotiate for peace. Only at the negotiating table vozniknuvshy conflict can be resolved.

In the capital itself, at the moment there is an acute shortage of gasoline, some gas stations closed, the remaining constantly longish queue. Emptied the shelves of grocery stores, not even bread. The inhabitants of Tripoli are convinced that everything that happens up the blockade by air and sea. Those who might have already left the country.

Strikes on rebels in Misrata are applied. Troops Gaddafi were aimed fire on militia positions with mortars and tanks. The reply was a coalition bombing of the Libyan capital. In the whole night lights flak cut the sky over Tripoli. The number of explosions were more than 9.

Shots subsided only with the coming of the morning. After the final decision of the Board NATO on the abolition of restrictions fly places in the Libyan capital are preparing for yet another bombing. Clarify the details of the alliance did not. But in the Mediterranean Sea await the approach of amphibious ships with Marines.

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