NATO did not come to the rescue. Ship SOS filed 6 days!

Italian coast guard found a ship with refugees from Libya, many days of drifting in the open sea on August 4. The refugees told of the 10-framework of the victims.

At a distance of 160 km from the Italian island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea coast guard found the boat with the motor off, filled with refugees. Ship drifted at sea for 6 days. Apparently, the engine failure occurred as early as last Friday, immediately after the start of Libya. The ship was still in Libyan waters, reports the German TV channel ARD on August 4.

On board were about 300 man, many of them are depleted and weakened. Those who were in a critical situation, were brought to Lampedusa by helicopter.

The refugees told that 10's man died on the ship from hunger and thirst. Their bodies were thrown into the sea. The first control coast guard found on board many of the victims, whose bodies were also brought to Lampedusa.

First week on another ship with refugees found 25 dead from exhaust gases in the cargo hold. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, from the beginning of March during unsafe journeys across the Mediterranean from Africa to Italy, killing more than 1,500 man.

Since the start of popular protests in almost all North African countries and the war in Libya, more than 45,000 man fled by sea.

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