NATO: Do the Libyan conflict has no military solution

In the Libyan conflict has no military solution. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

According to him, to resolve the situation in the North African country will need to find a political solution.

Meanwhile, the struggle for power in Libya between rebels and Gaddafi forces continues.

Allied aircraft under NATO command struck the southern suburbs of the Libyan town of Misurata.

Earlier forces under the control of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi's favorite, captured the western part of Ajdabiya. The rebels detain center and the eastern outskirts of the town.

Constant troops continued shelling of Ajdabiya, pulling her reinforcement.

RAF aircraft have killed a few tanks of Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite. During committed sorties "Tornado" killed 2 tanks near Ajdabiya and another 5 tanks — in the suburbs of Misrata.

It happened after Gaddafi's troops fired mortars suburbs rebel-held town of Ajdabiya. Explosions and gunfire were heard over an hour. According to the 1st of the rebels, were attacked in the western gate of the town.

Happy NATO aircraft attacked government army military depot Libya. The military arsenals of ammunition were in the town of Zintan districts.

According to witnesses, the aircraft struck the alliance itself is not enough 14 attacks on weapons stores troops favorite of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi.

Warehouses have suffered significant damage.

After a missile strike caused NATO aircraft, the rebels tried to approach the warehouse to evaluate the results of the bombing, but the military did not priklnnye Gaddafi gave them closer, opening fire from rocket-propelled grenades.

Zintan, 120 kilometers southwest of Tripoli is under the control of the opposition forces trying to oust Gaddafi rebels from this town since March 16. As of April 8, the witness said the incident Reuters, Gaddafi's troops as before remain in the suburbs of Zintan. According to him, replaced in order to bombard military Arsenal, NATO air strikes should apply for positions of troops Gaddafi. "We fear that if Gaddafi did not leave, and NATO will end its operations, then they (government forces) will take city and carried out a massacre "- the source said, specifying that he says on behalf of all the inhabitants of Zintan.

Not counting Zinatana, priklnnye Gaddafi troops as before remain in the town of Misurata, which is under rebel control. April 8, Reuters said one of the residents of Misrata, as a result of collisions between Gaddafi forces and rebels killed 5 people for at least another 10 were injured and taken to the city clinic.

Recall, March 17, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing the set zone over Libya no-fly, to take all necessary measures, excluding ground invasion, to protect civilians. March 19 military aircraft a number of states, including France, Britain and the United States began strikes against targets in areas of Libya in order to reduce the combat capability of forces Gaddafi. Since March 31, in command of the operation Libya produces NATO. On April 4, in the bombing of Libya do not participate aircraft the U.S. Air Force.

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