NATO in the war against Gaddafi does not look as world policeman, as the worlds buffoon

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and England and Liam Fox responded to the harsh criticism of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's military operations in Libya. Following the meeting at the Pentagon security officials said bin Libyan Muammar Gaddafi's favorite is the "legitimate target" for NATO airstrikes.

According to the minister, the objects of which produces a favorite of Libyan command his troops remain under threat of air attack coalition. "We do not keep them at gunpoint on purpose, but in accordance with UN Security Council resolution consider them legitimate targets, as well as all Libyan military command centers to find" — Robert Gates highlighted. "These centers produce control forces that violate human rights — such a picture at the moment consists in Misrata," — he added.

Statements of the Pentagon were made in response to criticism of Vladimir Putin. The other day at a press briefing after the end of the official visit to Denmark, Russian Prime Minister defended the life of Gaddafi. "We have to act within the framework of international law with the understanding of their own responsibility, with concern for peaceful citizens. And when all the so-called civilized society throughout its own power bore down on a small country, destroying infrastructure created by generations, well it's either a bad thing? I do not like it ", — said Putin after the Russian-Danish talks. "Well, what does the closure of the sky, if every night beating the palaces … Says — do not want to destroy Gaddafi. Now some officials they say, "Yes, try to kill Gaddafi." And who has permitted it to do? What is it was a tribunal? Who took on the right to execute this man, whatever it may be? And everyone is silent, "- Putin said, answering the question of why he called the operation a crusade against Gaddafi.

What is the effect Russia's position on the situation around Libya, says the president of the Institute for Near East Eugene Satanovskiy.

— Eugene Janowicz what is behind the statements of Russian prime minister?

— How do I know Vladimir Vladimirovich, everything he says is subject to a single problem: he wants to say, and in a coffin sees all points of view about the purpose for which he reads. He, like any grown man that wants something and goes. To me, this position is very pretty, as it ordinary and understandable.

Is Gaddafi angel in the flesh, or the offspring of a bitch — do not have a question. There are no favorites in world politics shaggy, white-, and cartoon-noble. This kind of people become Mother Teresa, not involved in politics. Especially since not become favorites of countries — particularly in the Arab East.

Gaddafi itself, which is: fierce, unwavering, film-playing a weird game. For all this, his opponents could not be better. Rule — if in some places begins plainclothes war, no need to go there to climb — our confirmed his story. Who is good and who is bad — or Petljura Wrangel and Denikin or Kerensky, Vladimir Lenin or Trotsky — a theoretical question.

In this regard, bengaziyskeaya group that opposes Gaddafi — is, to a large extent, the terrorists of the "Al-Qaeda", the Islamists have passed Afghanistan and Iran. To a large extent — local tribal sheikhs who were not lucky: they were among the favorites of Gaddafi have seized many of their lands. But if they were in power, they could not be better Gaddafi, and certainly — would not the Democrats.

— What will the West with Libya now?

— West walked smack into Libya — a suave words, I can not pick up. Vljapalsja is not the case, as a dog that turns the tail of the Persian Gulf. East used a personal nature Sarkozy, his zeal everywhere to be the first of its grievance against Gaddafi, the accumulated anger, and much more. Sarkozy divorced for the war.

All this leads to wonder people sitting in the leadership of NATO, understand what they are doing, or not? After all, Germany is no coincidence — the central player in Europe — flatly refused to get involved in this operation. It is no accident of 3800 aircraft, which are at an alliance against Libya in the best of times employed 200. It is no coincidence refugee situation categorically contradicts claims that thanks to democracy in Libya and Tunisia, the citizens of these countries will gladly started the construction of a new society.

The flow of refugees built up, while in the countryside of Italy. The same France hurried to close the border with Italy — and it is fraught with the collapse of the Schengen area, and potentially — the collapse of the entire Euro society.

Sarkozy endless ambition, his confrontation with the United States, its sample with Qatar to bring down a regular in the Arab world tandem United States — Saudi Arabia, his return to NATO immediate attempt to become a major in the alliance — all this is not a sympathy. Since we love NATO or not, better that NATO remains a capable unit that looks as world policeman.

And now — a situation in which it is clear that NATO is not able to coordinate their actions even at the level that was in the war with Yugoslavia, that it is not the world's policeman, and is the world's jester pea. When a claim to overthrow Gaddafi, but he did not overthrown — is exactly such a situation. At the same time, now the war is even more feeble against the Arab world than, say, Algeria or Syria. But what if you have to fight a war for real, where it is really necessary, but not where to hit certain brain juices of the body?

Not to behold this is unrealistic, not to speak about it — if you take the post of Prime Minister — as well. For me, Putin said more than specific things.

— Expressions Putin complicate our business with NATO?

— No complications in relations with NATO, I do not see. We were given the opportunity to lead the NATO war in Libya? Dali. This feature has been applied? She was. Excellent or worse — is the management unit decides, smart or stupid, it uses the supplied power. In the situation where Russia will need something in the next — well, that's when management of the country will talk to yourself, talk. And it will solve, is the ability to continue to give the Western alliance to fail in Libya, or, it may be wise to do something more intelligent, so they were able to knock someone trouble with Gaddafi.

Since the land operation, where at the moment, France and Britain dragged Union — is a coffin with the music. This is evident from Iraq and Afghanistan. If the West is going to yet another ground operation, it will be a great gift for the "Al-Qaeda" for the Islamists, and all those who drags Westerners in Libya.

— But Obama cuts first dividend: U.S. Department of the money in a special disposal allowed the South American oil companies to borrow directly from the rebels …

— Obama has only type of interest — this is the interest of America and the American economy. Bolshennymi bengaziytsam means no one really will not help, they themselves are not quite what they are capable, judging by what's going on … Well, let's, said the South American president, even though oil will buy these men, for it means they will throw.

— Is there any chance to survive Gaddafi?

— He has a lot of chances. Gaddafi is fighting successfully. NATO is a military aircraft and naval wing bengaziytsev. If not for this, Gaddafi would long since finished off the insurgents. It can survive, can go into the desert and continue the resistance, can disperse your pieces on the African terrain and maintain a border war from abroad. It is much that can.

Understand candidacy Gaddafi in Libya — or a split of the country or its disintegration along tribal lines,
and the war of all against all, as in Somalia. In any case, nothing is quite good promises. Favorite in Libya, which would connect the country does not exist. Because when you take away the devil, and in its place are inviting the devil — who said that it will be easier for you to live?

— The words of the Russian Federation Putin will add weight in the Arab world?

— Weight of the Arab world does not depend on words, but on whether you can in the Arab world to kill a lot of people or not enough. This is when we talk about the rich part of the Arab world, which is what fear. And the weight in a poor part — on how much money you give, or not much. At the same time, give irrevocable. Since the Arabs would promise to have everything in the world will read what landmark case you do, what you are proud, only a duty for you to never return, and your investment will never pay off.
From other causes of popularity in the Arab world does not depend on — by the way, in Africa, too.

So read GDP

"Well, yes, it is a monarchy actually own — curve, forward, what you want. Abnormal. But such ".

"There appeared inner contradictions, which escalated into an armed conflict. But why should intervene on the part of this armed conflict? "

"Look at the map of the region: they circle the monarchy. There's that, that democracy is whether, in the Danish standard? No. Around the monarchical countries, which generally corresponds to the mentality of the population and the practices that developed there. "

"Mr Gaddafi has invented the newest monarchy — as well as by Napoleon after he came in the wake of the revolution to power, declared himself king. The comparison may be not quite correct, but generally parallel is appropriate. "

"What we do not have a lot of curves regimes in the world? What, are we all going to intervene? Look at what is happening in Somalia for many years. Why is not there to clean up? And in other parts of the world? We shall always bombard? Put the missile attacks? You need to give people themselves to understand "

"We talked about the closing of the sky. But where is the closure of the sky when beating up each night to the palaces of Gaddafi. They say: we do not want to destroy it. And what about the palaces to peel? There's that, in such mice makarom output? Gaddafi no, he has long been washed away, sits somewhere in the shelter. And civilians are killed. "

"Libya for the supplies of oil takes the first place in Africa, and on the supplies of gas — the fourth largest in Africa. Immediately naturally imposes question — is not this is the main subject of the enthusiasm of those who are out there working? "

Putin stressed that the action in North Africa and the Middle East, not ennoble the situation in the global energy sector. After the tragedy in the Land of the Rising Sun "will increase demand for hydrocarbons, and first in the feed gas, bearing in mind that it is, first from an environmental point of view, the most unsullied hydrocarbon fuel."

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