NATO intensified military actions against Gaddafi

NATO allies for the first time used against the forces priklnnyh to the Libyan Muammar favorite Gaddafi, combat helicopters.

Media report that the British Apache helicopters'' 'based on the helicopter'' Ocean'' in the airstrike killed radiolakatsionnuyu station and an army checkpoint, and two Army installations destination near the town of Brega.

Strokes also applied for battle engineering and property troops supporting Gaddafi.

French Gazelle helicopters'''' also stormed a different purpose.

Canadian General Charles Bouchard, which Operations Command, said that'' successful military actions have shown a unique ability to combat helicopters. We will only use them when necessary, with the same precision with which to all our tasks.''

NATO says that the introduction of attack helicopters provides additional flexibility to prevent Gaddafi's forces to strike a civilian population that participates in anti-government demonstrations.

Reuters news agency reminds that the use of combat helicopters allows you to track down and storm the pro-government forces who are trying to hide in populated areas.

The decision to transfer to the helicopter carrier Ocean'''' 4th Apache helicopter'''' Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, made on May 27.

As the correspondent of the BBC, C, introduction of combat vehicles that fly at the lowest altitudes and at the lowest rates than planes, reduces the possibility of accidental losses among the civilian population. At the same time, these factors are increasing the risk for military pilots, because the troops Gaddafi, can be fully, to this day there are several thousand of portable anti-aircraft missiles.

In recent weeks, the Allied air forces have stepped up attacks on command centers and communications Libyan army in the capital — Tripoli. Even before the introduction of the 90-day period of operations forces NATO starts on June 27. On Wednesday, the leaders NATO extended it for another ninety days.

On the same day the UN mission announced the findings on the security situation and the human rights situation in Libya. Specialists they say about the numerous confirmations crimes, including murder and torture, which made the supporters of Gaddafi.

Such actions, according to the UN, manufactures, and the Libyan opposition, but in the smallest scales.

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