NATO needs in Russia (Zeit online, Germany)

West Union defense, 20 years after the end of the "Cold War" should open up more to the east. Our home can bring new impetus to NATO.

20 years ago — before the time the war lasted cool, but that's a story — Moscow politicians heralded the end of the high-spirited Western alliance: "We have chosen you to your enemy." So fast it did not work out. But now even the future of NATO is dependent upon his ability to find our home in his own place.

After a few weeks, the NATO Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen wants to create a first draft novel concept of NATO, which must approve the NATO summit in November at its summit in Lisbon. But at this point it is clear that if there will not be anything more than a few slogans calling survive in Afghanistan, suggestions for improvement in political consultations within the Alliance and everyday invitations Moscow to work very splotchenno, the document does not give any NATO a new impetus, and will only confirm his stasis.

A new push could give only one — a statement of the West on the inclusion of in the alliance if Moscow so wish and fulfill the necessary conditions to that. Include the new democracies in Eastern Europe in the nineties made out of old NATO main European anchor of stability, right up to the borders of Russia. Moscow's invitation to join the alliance would render him a chance to become vseobyatnoy security structure between America, Europe and Russia.

If this is so far failed to do — it was not just because of the behavior RF, but also because of the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe. The fundamental error of this strategy was that she braked on the borders of Russia. Although Western politicians rightly argued that the expansion of their alliance is not oriented against Russia, but the Russian distrust was very much clear. Specially designed to build confidence, body — the Council Our homeland-NATO — could not do anything already only for the reason that it alone Our home sits in front of a close-knit club of NATO. In the largest so far decline, since the creation of this body — the war with Georgia in 2008 — its meetings were punished even temporarily boycotted by the West.

At the moment such an old strategists like me a hard time comes the idea that our home was once able to sit all the rights in the NATO Council and, like all other members, participate in all decisions — or even block them. Less than a year ago I argued on this point that Our homeland, because of the mentality of power consumption and power, not integrable NATO or the EU.

Before the country will become the rule of law, even liberal democracies must escape a lot of water in the Moscow River. The Kremlin is also by no means fond of joining NATO, not to mention the fact, that his accession to supply the freshest new "cells". His past diplomatic efforts have as before an old target, suspend western union. So Makar, a formal invitation to join the Lisbon Summit, NATO will initially rejected with contempt in Moscow, to the relief of all the majestic enemies joining the West.

The offer of membership still would be of strategic importance. Ordinary reprimand Moscow to the address of NATO would only outdated ritual. Those people in the country who behold the future of the Russian Federation in the West, will be encouraged. Even in the armed forces would grow hope that with the help of NATO, in the end, we can have long needed modernization. And everywhere in the West relative to the likely future partner for relaxing security would rest on the "cold war" classic strain. For a long time before Russia's entry into NATO would be the order of the day or, would be determined by the tone and content of relations between Russia and the West are less based on the memoirs of the last of the day and more and more on the expectations regarding the future.

Because, at the same time, the other an old strategists also need to rethink the relationship RF, including Volker Ryue and Klaus Naumann, one — the last German Minister of Defence, the other — the inspector general of the Federal Armed Forces and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. Werner Hoyer, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the municipality, it is proposed that NATO discern what configurations need our homeland could be applicable candidate for accession.

The man who in November to create the newest concept of NATO, as well wonders in this direction. In December 2009, the NATO Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen, during his own unique, up to now, a visit to Moscow has expressed its vision for 2020: Our homeland and then NATO will establish close co-operation across the entire width of safety issues and soldiers of the Russian Federation and NATO will stand shoulder to shoulder in UN missions, in the distance will be a joint missile defense system, "which we will not only defend together, and unite us politically." But at this point would not be recommended that the other is to take the plunge and declare a possible member of the Russian NATO.

Yet, it is not expected. In the East European members of NATO distrust of other — of — is a very good deal. Since they can not get rid of the outdated image of, they want to stick to outdated NATO.

Supporters of the latest policy towards the Russian Federation in the middle of the NATO member states prefer to avoid disputes and even public discussion. And Fogh Rasmussen will have to exercise restraint. His brand-new strategic concept for NATO towards Russia will not bring anything new, at least, until 2020. To the detriment of NATO.

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