NATO — Our homeland, Afghanistan — Ulyanovsk, then everywhere

Between democracy and transparency, when the constitutional power is the main carrier of people, this people was completely bewildered and did not know anything about the construction of a facility for NATO in heart of Russia: it began, as it often happens in Russia — with rumors.

In January of this year, there were the first disk imaging leaks to the media that is being built near Ulyanovsk NATO base.

That creates additional capacity on the ground of the Russian Federation, which is linked to the potential of NATO in Central Asia and Europe, the Russian authorities: the president, the prime minister, the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of defense — kept complete silence.

Later protests began in the Ulyanovsk region, raised the question of the State Duma deputies. In March 2012, Senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Kondratenko on behalf of its authority to delegate told the staff that the Kuban Parliament adopted an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian Security Council on the issue of the creation of the "transit pt" NATO in Ulyanovsk. In the document, namely, the position expressed against "the foreign military presence in the heart of the Russian Federation."

To hide the occurrence of NATO on the ground of the Russian Federation was hard, but full clarity on the plans Russian authorities on the matter is not so far.
In the tangled NATO base most sonorous voices in support of the NATO base sound not from Washington and Brussels, surprisingly from Russian ministries. Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov from the "big mind" general conditions up to the fact that "The implementation of this project in the interests of the military security of Russia", ie its army after the reforms in his own department to ensure the safety of the country can not.

Department of disk imaging and printing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has given an explanation about the likely transit of NATO cargoes from Afghanistan to Ulyanovsk. In the posted document states that the basic solutions to the issues of transit is a UN Security Council resolution 1386 of 2001, which called to render the international Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan necessary assistance as may be necessary, including the provision of clearance of aircraft and cargo transit. So makarom the issue had been settled even 11 years ago, not even at the level of, and the UN!

The necessity of a NATO Ulyanovsk, and supported the governor of the Ulyanovsk region "edinorosa" Sergei Morozov, former managing special forces police department of the Ulyanovsk region to combat drug trafficking, which is shared with A. Dvorkovich, an 'expert' of the Metropolitan School of Political research, an international board of trustees of which, headed by Sir Rodric Braithwaite earlier last chairman of the British Joint Committee on Intelligence and who ensures coordination of all security services and their relationship with the CIA. George Soros himself "knows and impressed continuous efforts of the school to promote the foundations of democracy in the Russian Federation" and the Federal Security Service of course this does not know anything.
How unfortunate it did not sound, the theme of friendship with Russia NATO is not new. Creeping expansion of NATO to the area of Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union and then in Russia began a long time. There were gentlemen pervoprohodchikami Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, who took the baton Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, and K0.
The emergence of NATO near Ulyanovsk preceded by a long period of relations between Russia and NATO, to the detriment of Russia. Here are just some milestones of cooperation.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union 20 December 1991 Our homeland is one of the founding states of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (since May 30, 1997 — Atlantic Partnership Council — EAPC). Then NATO gave us honest word that will not expand to the East, but as a shame it did not sound, the expansion has gone. Exceptionally, in March 1992 in connection with the termination of the "cold war" Our homeland and 10 CIS countries were admitted to the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC).

An additional impetus to the expansion of NATO may be referred to the statement of Russian President Boris Yeltsin in August 1993 in Warsaw and Prague that our homeland is not opposed to NATO's eastward expansion. With the reduction in defense spending, the situation created after the Warsaw Yeltsin's statement on the admissibility of Poland's accession to NATO and the beginning of a massive public campaign of the Polish-American Congress, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger for the early expansion of the alliance.

With the help of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Kozyrev trend continued. In the early 90's he opened Russia for the transit of NATO. On the anniversary of the start of the war against fascism June 22, 1994 Our homeland joined the program there "Partnership for Peace", and then 19 June 1995 in Brussels, on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrei Kozyrev signed the agreement.

"Partnership for Peace" (PfP) is the main mechanism for the practical-fixing ties between NATO and partner countries in matters of Safety and enhance their capabilities for operational interoperability. Elaborate programs from reflecting the abilities and interests of individual partner countries, provide for cooperation of NATO member states and partner countries in the field of transparency (full transparency) in the areas of the state military planning and defense budgeting, democratic control over the armed forces, willingness to communicate, including in NATO-led operations to enforce peace.

May 27, 1997 hosted the NATO-Russia Summit. Signed by the Founding Act on mutual relations, cooperation and security, which laid the formal framework of relations between NATO and Russia. The signing of the Founding Act has led to the development of bilateral programs from consultation and cooperation under constant Joint Council (PJC).

July 18, 1997 — the first meeting of the NATO-Russia PCA.

September 26, 1997 Municipal Duma adopted a resolution number 1756-II, containing the statement "On the NATO military exercises near borders Russian Federation," in which, as it says: "There is no hesitation that under the guise of statements about the peace disposition of such maneuvers is a rich exploration of the United States Army possible new theaters of war in particular near the borders of Russian Federation. It is possible that in the course of such ultra-long assault worked through the possibility of landing units of the army of the United States of America and the Russian Federation on the ground. " But this statement no one to pay attention, and it remained only statement.

March 18, 1998 — the official opening of the Russian Mission to NATO.

In 1999, the geo-political "branch" of NATO can be considered GUAM — a political alliance of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova made against NATO RF. Thanks GUAM Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan withdrew from the contract with regard to the CIS Collective Security, and for this reason has become probable war of Georgia and the Russian Federation in 2008.

March 24, 1999 — In connection with the start of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia Our homeland suspension of cooperation with NATO. This move did not take the West seriously.
July 1999 — Resumption kazhdomesyachnyh PJC meetings on issues of related since Kosovo.

February 16, 2000 — NATO Secretary General's visit to Moscow, the resumption of cooperation on all fronts of the activitie
s of the NATO-Russia PCA.

February 2001 — Opening of NATO Information Office in Moscow.

October 3, 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia attaches to the counterterrorist coalition. With the support of President Vladimir Putin puts NATO bases in Central Asia to the area of the former Russian Republics. After September 11, 2001 Putin was personally phoning Heads of Central Asian countries and advise them have NATO bases on its territory (this was admitted to the then Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov during his own trip to the U.S. — "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the 09.04.04). Also apparently not from a very large brain Ivanov said (and Serdyukov echoed him now (see above)): "Temporary placement of U.S. and NATO bases on the ground in the interests of the Commonwealth of Russia." But the "temporary" Americans have always seen as the "eternal." This statement can be confirmed by the inhabitants of Okinawa, the Philippines, many Latin American and European countries — where now placed a U.S. base placed "temporarily" since 1945. After a frank lobbying the interests of Russian president NATO military bases in the U.S. intelligence agencies have appeared in Tajikistan Dushanbe and Kulyab Khanabad and Kokaidy Uzbek, Kyrgyz Manas in Atyrau (Kazakhstan). The U.S. military is also located in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

From 2001 to 2011, through the air space of the Russian Federation NATO redeployed to Afghanistan more than 100 thousand soldiers and officers with weapons, equipment and appliances.

May 2002 — Opening of the Military Liaison Mission in Moscow

28 May 2002 — adoption of the Declaration of Heads of State and Government of the Russian Federation and NATO member states in Rome, the establishment of the Russia-NATO Council.

The meeting resulted in an official statement of the Russian Federation and NATO, and that the data case given new impetus and filled with new content. At the meeting, the Heads of State and Government have gained an agreement on expanding the capabilities of cooperation in areas of common enthusiasm to stand together against common threats and risks to the safety of their own states, ie if you have any problems inside Russia — NATO will help.

Since 2003, began research on theater missile defense (TMD), designed to protect troops in the areas of joint action, in which estimated the likely levels of operational comparability of theater missile defense systems of Russia and NATO countries. In this area also conducted three command post exercises, the first of which was held in the United States in March 2004, the second — in the Netherlands in March 2005, and the third — in Russia in October 2006. In Germany, in January 2008 to conduct exercises with the introduction of computer simulation. Intensive cooperation lasts to the true time.

Since 2004, the professionals of the Russian Federation and NATO in the nuclear field have developed a glossary of definitions, the views of organized exchanges on nuclear doctrine and strategy. Observers also took part in field exercises to respond to incidents with the introduction of nuclear weapons in Russia (2004), England (2005), the United States (2006) and France (2007), that NATO is working closely and intensively with nuclear and missile potential of Russia.

It should be noted that another 15 February 2005. The Russian government issued Decree № 76 "On the representation of the President of the Russian Federation proposed that the Russian Federation to the" Agreement between the States parties to the contract of the North Atlantic and other states participating in the program "Partnership for Peace" about the status of their forces and the Additional Protocol of 19 June 1995 r. " President of his order number 89-rp of March 8, 2005 ordered: "First. Accept the offer of the Government of the Russian Federation's accession to the Russian Federation "Agreement …". 2nd. Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation signed on behalf of the Russian Federation "Agreement …". " The American President was immediately performed and for 21 April 2005. in Vilnius, it was signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on behalf of the Russian Federation at the beginning of the informal meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the NATO-Russia Council as a "gift" to the prazdnichkom "60 Years of Victory in Lofty Russian war." In the framework of the NATO-Russia Council Head Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and NATO Secretary General Scheffer, April 21, 2005 in Vilnius, signed an agreement on the status of forces from NATO and countries participating in the program "Partnership for Peace".

Another additional protocol to the Agreement "Partnership for Peace" was signed in Sofia on April 28, 2006. In accordance with this Protocol, each of the States Parties "to the extent that it has jurisdiction under the provisions of the Agreement does not result in the execution of the death sentence against at least some members of the forces or the civilian component personnel and their dependents from at least some of another Member State . "

In June 2005, NRC defense ministers approved the political and military guidance to increase the level of operational compatibility of troops (forces) of Russia and NATO countries, ie due to the transition of the Russian army to NATO standards and equipment of NATO military equipment.

March 22, 2007 (one month after Munich's famous speech) President Vladimir Putin continuing the policy of Yeltsin and Kozyrev wide open for Russia NATO, contributing to the ratification in the State Duma and the Federation Council packet immediately important documents in the form of the law of the NATO N 99-FZ: Agreement between the states — members of the North Atlantic contract and other states participating in the program "Partnership for Peace" about the status of their forces from June 19 1995 (hereinafter — the Agreement of 1995) was signed on behalf of the Russian Federation in Vilnius April 21, 2005, Additional Protocol signed in Sofia on April 28, 2006

Contrary to Article 16 paragraph 4 of the Federal Law № 101-FZ dated 15 July 1995 "On international treaties Russian Federation," the president's proposal on ratification of the "Agreement …" does not contain "the rationale for its ratification," "determine whether the contract law of the Russian Federation" also does not provide "assessment of the likely consequences of the ratification of the treaty."

It is surprising that, in accordance with the "Agreement …", NATO troops are not subject to the control of passport and visa on arrival and departure across the Russian border, ie you can go with a weapon and combat gear in any quantity.

In general, the rights and interests of NATO are put above the interests of the Russian Federation, which is directly contrary to the Constitution and the laws of the Russian Federation.
Act on NATO N 99-FZ, besides, very hard to denounce. This can happen only a year after the notification by the Government of the Russian Federation Government of the United States only, and even then "save the remaining settlement claims made before the denunciation takes effect" (Article VI of the Agreement of 19 June 1995). Such claims can come up a lot and it will continue infinitely long. The military occupation of the Russian Federation Putin this law provided.

Since late 2007, is a technical commissioning Initiative Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI). CAI system consists of four facilities in Russia, 4 sites in NATO and includes objects that are from the last northern Europe in Bodo (Norway) and Murmansk (Our Fatherland), right up to Ankara (Turkey) and Rostov-on-Don ( Our homeland) in the south, the European part of Russia crosses the air space under the control of the cooperative.

January 9, 2008 by the decree of President Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin was appointed to the same representative of the Russian Federation to the North Atlantic contract (NATO) in Brussels.

In April 2008, at the summit of the Council of our homeland — the Bucharest by order of the government of the Russian Federation have been issued about the agreement facilitated procedure railway transit of illicit goods ISAF in Afghanistan, and at the summit of the Council of our homeland — the NATO summit in Lisbon in November 2010. the topic will be continued.

February 12, 2009 issue of the transit of U.S. non-military supplies to Afghanistan via Russia resolved completely. It is a question of the Government's decision to support the internationality Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan by railway freight transit of non-military purpose, priemuschestvenno, humanities. This is the first step of Messrs. Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, signaling a willingness to cooperate with the newest American administration of Barack Obama.

23-24 April 1999 at the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Washington Heads of State and Government adopted the "Strategic Concept of the Alliance."

November 2010 in Lisbon, with the role of President Vladimir Putin's third accomplished in the history of the Russia-NATO Council summit. "Strategic Concept of the Alliance" has been developed, the theme of transit cargo will be continued, the result — in the foreground are bilateral agreements on air transit of weapons, military equipment and personnel from Germany, France, Spain, USA, Italy and Sweden.

The outcome of the aspects explained under applicable in Article VI of the Agreement, the words "have a weapon," Russian Federation on the basis of reciprocity will be aware of the use and implementation of tools, and the words' favor in considering the request of the host country "- the obligation of the authorities of the sending country to address the requirements of the host country in relation to carry, transport, transportation, use and implementation of tools including on the ground of the Russian Federation. Of the joint statement after the meeting even more free rein to NATO: "We reaffirmed all the goals, principles and commitments con-zhaschiesya in the Founding Act, the Rome Declaration and the Charter for European Security OSCE in 1999, including" Platform-Based Security cooperation ", and recognized that the security of all countries in the Euro-Atlantic community is indivisible, and that the security of NATO and Russia are interrelated (ie you can already intervene on territory of Russia.) We will work to merit a truly strategic and modernized partnership based on the principles of mutual trust, transparency and predictability, to promote the creation of a common space of peace, security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region. Countries — members of the RNC will refrain from danger by force or the use of force against each other, as well as against at least some other countries (eg Georgia), its sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence in at least some form, incomparable with the UN Charter and contained in the Helsinki Final Act of the Declaration of Principles, Participating States will be managed in mutual relations. "

A special section is dedicated to the outcome of the crisis management.

NATO holds a holistic approach to crisis management, providing the organization's role in all steps of the crisis, "why NATO will act where it may be necessary to prevent crises and to regulate them (with the help of force, including the Russian Federation), to stabilize post-conflict situation and support the recovery. " NATO calls to increment the number of institutions and organizations involved in this work and coordinating their efforts, coupled with the fact she is considering the use of a broader set of tools that will allow to achieve greater efficiency across the entire range of crisis management.

Created a mechanism that was used, for example, Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia during the Kosovo crisis. This mechanism can use our heads at danger to their power, or if you need to fix the collapse of the Russian Federation as it came from the Soviet Union.

In May, 2011. Management has asked NATO to Russia with a request to consider the possibility of extending the facilitation of transit of non-lethal ISAF goods to Afghanistan (and out of) the combined method, in other words, railway, road and air transport. Immediately Russia were specifically developed technical ability of the transit such schemes taking advantage of Ulyanovsk Airport East, the band is 5 km long was built for the Russian gallakticheskoy applets "Buran", but with weapons and military equipment.

At the current time, NATO's cooperation Our home is on the same basis. If necessary, a meeting of the Board of our homeland — the Council at the level of Heads of State and Government, twice year — at the level of foreign ministers and defense ministers (President — Secretary General NATO), Not less often 1 time per month — at the ambassadorial level. Also under the auspices of the Council meetings are held Chiefs (twice a year) and Military Representatives (every month).

There are 22 working bodies of the Russia-NATO Council on specific ques-tions or areas of cooperation:
4 of the Committee: Preliminary Committee, the Military Committee of the preliminary, the Scientific Committee, the Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society);
4 working groups: on the defense industry, science and technology, restructuring and reform of the military-industrial complex, peacemaking, to implement the "Cooperation Initiative in the air", on the rear;
5 Special working groups on the terrorist threat in the Euro-Atlantic area of non-proliferation of WMD on defense reform, in a civilian emergency planning, cooperation in the area of theater missile defense operations, and nine expert groups: arms control and confidence-building measures on nuclear security, military transport aircraft, refueling in the air, on defense issues, in the detection of explosives, cyber security vulnerabilities on transport infrastructure.

I would like to remind Putin and Dmitry Medvedev that during the period of the "fruitful" cooperation Our homeland — NATO NATO unleashed four full-scale war in violation of international law against Yugoslavia and Iraq, and against Libya, Afghanistan. U.S. has left 50,000 people in Iraq and 30,000 in Afghanistan leave. Georgia has armed and prepared for war against Russia in 2008, and currently has returned once again to the Georgian military potential of the latest war, assisted the Chechen resistance, deploying missile defenses in Europe against Russia (after that of cooperation with Russia can not be considered).

Started on our homeland and playing by the rules of NATO is doing everything to such a network came into its territory through the exit of NATO — Ulyanovsk, near the troubled Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. This is only the first bridgehead. Afghan Transit is about to earn. All these acts of Governors RF contrary to the Constitution, the law "On Defense" (which is registered in the "integrity and security areas of the Russian Federation"), military doctrines and concepts of national security, but so far no one has tried to challenge them on the official level. Therefore it is not in vain last municipal secretary Madeleine Albright during such "cooperation" said in 2005 that Siberia have one country, it is very much.

Another designer outside of U.S. policy, past head of the Department of State Henry Kissinger in 2011, it added making a curious statement. "We have allowed China to build up its own military the potential of the Russian Federation were given time to come to his senses after the Sovietization, g
ave them a false sense of advantages, but all together it would hasten their death. War is coming, it will be so severe that only one superpower can win it. And it will be the United States. " He predicted newcomer global war will turn a huge part of the world in ruins and ashes of this United States will build a new society, and there is only one superpower. And it will be a global government that wins. "The United States has the best weapon, which has no other people, and we will show the world the gun when it's necessary time" — he concluded. Often, all that Henry Kissinger says comes true. The network created by the U.S. and NATO hands of the authorities of the Russian Federation will be the foundation for the implementation of these plans. 7maya 2012 Vladimir Putin was inaugurated as President of the Russian Federation immediately announced a strategic partnership with the U.S. and NATO ie, too, the policy of partnership lasts.

Unfortunately, the results of this partnership, which for us up to this time are unknown and unpredictable (based on the current relations between Russia and the U.S.), again suggest the memoirs of the treacherous activities of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Specifically, their uneducated and Holuiskya policy in relations with the West has begun all those dilemmas in the international political arena, which must now clear up the mess the current government. How wise and racks will be our leaders to respect the interests of our country and its people with apparently no friendly actions zabugornyh "friends and partners"? How are they enough endurance, will, well, just the desire to protect our people and our country from complete destruction, linking hands of the army and denying our military capabilities to fulfill all of its own duty to protect the homeland, to ensure the safety of all of us, citizens of the Russian Federation? Will our government to suspend mechanism, launched their predecessors, and to prevent the forecast Kissinger realized? Time will tell, and show very soon.

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