NATO steps over the Russian border

In another sudden turn as the Russian-NATO relations shortly, the decision of the Russian authorities to provide the area of the country for a "comeback" of military equipment and other special cargo from Afghanistan to Europe can not be called. Not yet had time to dissolve in the air calls for representatives of Russian administration to reconsider cooperation with NATO because of the deployment of the European missile defense system, when we all learned that as a staging Fri or temporary basis for the so-called multi-modal transit recycling NATO military decided to offer Ulyanovsk. Military cargo from Afghanistan will be transported to the city of Lenin in the air (including the Russian aircraft), and then will go all the way through the steel to the side of the Baltic States and beyond — to the West. Such a decision in the light of today's worsening relations between Washington and Moscow (Moscow and Brussels) looks extremely weird.

We are complaining about the fact that NATO has imposed us on all sides, and themselves at the same time opens its gates, so for our area victoriously marched NATO troops, but also with our own ts took out their weapons in Afghanistan. Some sort of phantasmagoria theater or delirium. After such, all of these planting of poplars at headquarters NATO Brussels converted into a farce or outright fun for themselves senior NATO officials.

Of course, there are people who say: how else? We're with the NATO countries in counterterrorism coalition because their partners have to provide all possible assistance. Themselves, they say, do not fight on the side of the Alliance, so should help other methods. But if so, then why do all these samples opposition to NATO, the signing of agreements concerning the creation of the other blocks (Collective Security Treaty Organization, for example), concerns over NATO approaches to our borders.

After all, there is not even a question about the approaches to the borders of Russia, and that, that NATO feels himself comfortable inside Russia.

Recall that the Uzbek administration refused to provide troops to NATO for its working area of transit. In Tashkent, explained to his concern that a certain percentage guns may settle during the transfer to the areas of Uzbekistan. In addition, the Uzbek authorities have said that, coupled with the transit of weapons through Uzbekistan can go and scale drug trafficking, eliminate that from Tashkent will not abilities. That's it! It turns out that in Tashkent NATO then wiped his nose, and here in Moscow again talking about the reboot, tolerance, and other similar terms, which in the modern world must be kept in the most remote corner of the political closet.

Supporters of the "hand of help from the West" in Moscow say that Russian society has become very hard to respond to all that is connected with NATO and the United States. Say, triggered imposed reflection, which simply is not portable West urges Russians. But, excuse me, did Russian authorities yesterday did not share the point of view about what the U.S. and NATO are trying very hard to impose its interests around the world! Do not act at the end of last year, President Medvedev to the people and said, that while the West we do not provide guarantees of non-targeting system of the European missile defense system Russia, neither of which effective cooperation is not out of the question. How would any guarantees us all the elapsed time, no one has provided, and was not even going to provide. It Medvedev dubbed baby talk, and Putin's concerns about U.S. missile defense system — an attempt to recreate the metal curtain.

It turns out that now the Russian power or has received such assurances "in the backyard", or simply devalue its own authority not only in the international arena, and inside the country.

Let us try to analyze what is still the all-Russian government could control, taking a decision on the granting NATO troops corridor through the area of the country in the derivation of the arms from Afghanistan.

First — this is a sample to show the West that continues to build our home in NATO partner, in spite of all the roughness and friction. If so, then the West is such a turn of events would be only too pleased. The situation will be reduced or have already been reduced to the fact that at least some manifestation of dissatisfaction with the Russian Federation in Washington and Brussels will be seen as a temporary phenomenon — it's like they say, Moscow sag.

Second — it's a quixotic attempt pressure on Washington in the Iranian and Syrian issue. Neuzh that anyone on the sidelines of Russian imperative homes had a plan to take the weapons of NATO and is accompanied by a "hostage" at a time until all the problems are resolved by Damascus and Tehran. Well, then it's generally something provocative. It remains only to agree on ways of mining of trains with NATO military equipment is retired from the terrorist attacks on the "forest brothers". Allegedly, they saw the wagons with Russian arms, and a little confused — we're not here for that. Another grezofars.

Third — attempt economic benefits. Certainly, JSC "Russian Railways" pretty penny from this unknown company will grow. But then you have to state the fact that the Russian natural monopolies has openly serve Western interests, not paying any attention to the outlook of most of the Russian people. Although when it's a big business has been its focus on the outlook of any clutter under the feet of citizens …

That's such an incident from Ulyanovsk Russia-NATO friendship.

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