NATO troops in Kosovo staged at the Orthodox cemetery toilet

12.10.11 Around Fri control Yarin squad KFOR expanded the area of its own former Fri control, and at the moment is the base, up to 10 hectares, situated on private fields and meadows, seizing land and farms Serbian Orthodox cemetery.

In this case, the Americans and the Germans specifically on cemetery decided to place the closet for their own fighter. On 10 acres of a more comfortable place to find them, apparently failed.

— We are shocked that the insolence KFOR goes so far … It's the law of strongest. We've learned that shiptarskie (Albanian) extremists destroy and desecrate our holy places, and the memory of our Protz, but we really did not expect this from the UN peacekeeping mission — say local Serbs.

Wonder, in general, is nothing special. If the Easter days of NATO troops dropped bombs on Belgrade, which was the inscription: "Happy Easter!" Why now they do not make a cesspool in the Orthodox cemetery?.. "Western values" to quickly take root in the soil sampled from the Serbs.

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