NATO will go to the wet

Despite the best efforts of NATO to overthrow the Gaddafi regime in Libya, the tangible results that does not work. Gaddafi continues to provide stubborn resistance, and has a certain advantage in a confrontation with the army of the rebels and their supporting air force coalition of Western states. Given the bad results in the NATO alliance split. The French claim that in case of failure of the coalition of the ground operation for a long time bogged down in the conflict. In contrast to the statement of Paris from London indicate that the carrying out of the ground operation is not out of the question.

Together with the fact the president of the United States, the British Prime Minister and French President argued that the military operation will not be terminated as long as at the helm of the government of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi will remain. Guido Westerwelle, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, said: "The most well in this situation it would be if Teran Muammar Gaddafi concelebrated to the people of their own country last service — namely, will he give in his resignation and would give people the opportunity to build without the help of others a peaceful, democratic future. "

Of course, the West continues its attacks warn unyielding Libyan leader. But at the same Air Force planes coalition already the second month bombard the strengthening of the government army, but to achieve a good result and failed. Means necessary and urgent to radically change the strategy and conduct ground invasion that will be able to put an end to the confrontation. Many people understand that Brussels plan upcoming role in the conflict is ready, but how to put it into play, and with all this to save face.

The fact that such a plan exists, it was likely to present, taking into account the information that has been obtained as a result of organized British intelligence intentional release of hidden information in which states that, despite the thousands of air and missile strikes on Libya, from the standpoint of the military, in a month with a small no significant results. A huge part of the heavy armored combat vehicles, Colonel Gaddafi was able to save from the bombings in Cyclopean underground labyrinths of the irrigation system, the largest in the world and the official name — the "Great Man-Made river. "

Military government coalition of Western states, on this basis, should make the correct conclusion. Perhaps one of the outputs will be the complete destruction of the "Great Man-Made River", the blessing is concrete-bomb that could blow over and the remains of a thick wall of water main, flooding or debris heaped Libyan tanks, armored personnel carriers and missile systems "Grad". But NATO realize that it is only the front side solutions. Another — this is the actual settlement of the "Great Man-Made River," which, of course, will cause a revolt of the population for whom this river — the only source of fresh water. Overthrow Gaddafi in a similar situation to the people of Libya can become the least of the evils.

To understand, based on what guesses British intelligence that Gaddafi hid its main military equipment in the maze of water main, you should know what they are. In totality it is a big looped system of pipes and aqueducts, which contains more than 1,300 wells to a depth of over 500 meters. The total length of all underground utilities — almost 1.5 thousand kilometers. These wells lead to a kind of freshwater ocean in store water which is estimated at about 12 thousand cubic kilometers. The fact that so large in store fresh water under the Sahara desert, it was found in the 50 years of the twentieth century as a result of oil exploration next.

For those suffering from the shortcomings of freshwater Libyans find geologists became a real godsend. Previously, the time applicable to life there were little more than 4% of the total area of the country. The situation changed dramatically after 50 years ago, the Libyan colonel gave the order to proceed with the construction of the unprecedented size of the irrigation system, which he himself referred to Gaddafi, "the eighth wonder of the world."

Americans, who for many decades are in constant conflict with the regime of Gaddafi, from the very beginning of the creation of man-made complex suspected that the reincarnation of the Sahara, located on the territory of Libya, a burgeoning oasis — it is far not the only goal. In the overseas press open a discussion the possibility of creating not only a conduit, and a beautiful place to hide military equipment and weapons, and the fact Gaddafi preparing equipment for the war in the future. Seemed very suspicious of the fact that the diameter of the paved channel "the eighth wonder of the world" for its entire length is 4.5 meters — which is quite enough to move the truck or the heavy armored fighting vehicle. And it already provides the ability to carry concealed Libyan military maneuver forces. At a time when the heads of Libyans hail rained missiles and bombs of NATO, to use man-made underground utilities to maintain military equipment and camouflage army completely reasonable. So, apparently, the most experienced British intelligence knows what goes.

Means to defeat underground sections of concrete culvert channel NATO indefinitely. For example, in service with the South American has 2-ton deep-penetrating GBU-28 bomb. Now it is one of the most massive air missiles with non-nuclear innards ever available in the armies of modern countries. The bomb can leak out to a depth of 30 meters to the ground and punching a massive 6-foot concrete shelter. Also in the GBU-28 laser is used seeker. Bearers of this massive weapons are South American fighter-bombers F-111 and F-15.

Given the destructive capacity of the bomb, it is natural that the Libyan desert sand and lined concrete pipe in it for the GBU-28 — not an obstacle. But in this case, made in the last 30 years, orchards and olive groves, which are used for irrigation water is the "Great Man-Made River," turned into lifeless desert. Thousands of farmers will be left without a source of income and therefore doomed to hunger and poor existence. Not the least problem with the destruction of the water line and waiting for the inhabitants of large cities, including the capital Tripoli, which will be left without a single source of fresh water.

If the actions in Libya will be developed in such a scenario, it would not be the first "war for water" in the region. The outbreak of the June 1967 war, for their brevity of the Six-Day betrothed, between Israel and the Arabs, in fact, was the culmination of a conflict over the rights to the use of aquatic resources in the region. It all started with the fact that Jordan and Israel have developed plans for the upcoming one-sided exploitation of the sources of the Jordan River. Jordan withdrew much of aqua river Yarmuk, the head of the Jordan River flows for irrigation, its full east coast, at the same time, Israel drew water from the Jordan River on Lake Tiberias in your State Aqua tank to its upcoming rassredotachivaniya between the Negev and the coastal valleys.

Arab countries located in the coastal zone, have expressed strong protest. So, namely, in 1960, the Arab League has exposed another project under which water and Hasbari Banias, the upper tributaries of the Jordan River and were removed and sent through Syria to Jordan, minuv place where the river is a branch of the State Aqua Israeli tank. In Tel Aviv, said that considering the plan as a direct attack on the conditions of the existence of its own. At the session convened in September 1964
summit in Alexandria, when Israel had actually finished construction of the first complex of the State aqua tank and performed the test water withdrawals, countries that represent the Arab world, decided to speed up the pace of its own project, with all this, highlighting that they would consider a military anger against one of the states of the League as anger directed against all of its members.

At the end of 1964 on the Syrian-Israeli border occurred the first collision. They lasted right up to the middle of 1965 until the formation of the implementation of the Arab part of the project had not been suspended. In 1966, the Israeli air force planes bombed a section of Banias Yarmouk channel that ran through Syria. In fact, from now on, and turned around on the ground fighting the coast of the Sea of Galilee. In 1967, tensions in the region grew more and more as the government of Jordan has decided to resume construction of a dam in the area Muheybe and intensified work on the construction of aqua tank near the Yarmouk River. In May, Egypt blocked access to the Straits of Tiran and focused its military units in Sinai, in particular near the border with Israel. Jordan signed a contract with Egypt on the joint protection of military aggression and allowed troops to Saudi Arabia and Iraq to move around on their own terrain. On the morning of June 5, 1967, Israel began active military action and struck a preemptive strike. The war lasted for 6 days, and it came out the winner of Israel, which then led to a breach of a pre-existing balance of aquatic resources in the Middle East. Capture of the Golan Heights to Israel has permitted to take control of the sources of Banias. After the occupation of the West Bank Israel is unable to access the tremendous resources of groundwater waters. At the same time, Jordan, in contrast, has lost not only a part of lush agricultural land, and a third of its population.

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