NATO will settle in the Caucasus

In Imereti, at a military base in western Georgia, the men of the North Atlantic Alliance conduct training in the martial deeds of mountain criteria. Sachkhersky military base is located near the border with the Russian Federation. She came here in 2005, when Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili started the preparation of large-scale fighting in South Ossetia.

The Georgian Defense Ministry said that at Sachkhere military base will go into open military training from NATO, because this base was officially assigned to the NATO standard.

Official Tbilisi said that now the training will produce the Georgian instructors who were trained in France for the last 3 years.

The festive ceremony dedicated to the opening of schools for the training of Sachkhere Mountain Riflemen, was not the case with the role of Deputy Defence Minister Nodar Kharshiladze and French Ambassador Eric Fournier.

On the monument, which was opened by the highest military men and a French diplomat, says that given the status of a military base «Partnership for Peace», which means — "Partnership for Peace". It was also emphasized that Sachkhersky military base to prepare the mountain riflemen was rebuilt with the role of France.

In this military center for training military personnel from the North Atlantic Alliance will be held, and summer and winter maneuvers. Already in September, there will be the first military exercises of the Baltic states, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is planned to later arrival of troops from other NATO member countries.

In 2010, Grigol Katamadze said that Georgia is ready to rock the modern shooters unique methods. Sovereign Katamadzeh is Georgia's ambassador to Ukraine. According to him, there had already been trained military of the United States, Britain and other countries. Since then, on this basis, training such war will be held for officially.

What will be the training and how it will be, one can only guess. In the upcoming base is planned to upgrade.

The very process of learning will take place on the British language to the Ministry of Defence of Georgia have developed special language courses.
What is NATO needs such demonstrative presence Georgia? This fascinating question in an interview with "Pravda.Ru" shared the South Ossetian and Georgian experts Inal Pliev and Jora Kajaia. Pass on their words.

Jora Kajaia, Georgian political scientist, says that the emergence of a military base in Sachkhere not the case, and the presence there of the French ambassador — is smooth demonstration for the government of Russian Federation, the Alliance takes Georgia under its protection. And if the policy of official Moscow will continue to be brutal against Georgia, then the civilized countries of NATO will stand on her behalf. This is another proof of the fact that Georgia was determined to get into NATO.

Other independent political analyst in South Ossetia Inal Pliev describes a situation like this, it states that the military base in Sachkhere, on the border with South Ossetia, it is the efforts of France, which then manifests with nedavneshnih militancy and anger towards other countries. He also noted that this is similar to the enhanced training for anger against Russia and South Ossetia. And Georgia is a pawn, playing a subordinate, secondary role. Without the guidance of the Government of the Member States Alliance, it will not do anything. The exciting thing that the management NATO one hundred percent understand how their provocative acts in the region, but continues to act like that.

Was created because the real basis for the training of military alliances to strengthen the position of NATO in Georgia. All well remember how before the 2008 Americans with full confidence said that those Georgian troops that had been prepared by the United States, do not fall into South Ossetia. But their words were at odds with their actions, Georgian troops were there and they did not stir slightly.

Inal Pliev also noted that all the way around South Ossetia were made fortifications and military forces have been tightened. Yet for a long time before, in 2006, began construction of a military hospital and morgue for two and a half hundreds of places. And what is now clearly seen in Sachkhere, could be the beginning of a more and more Western military bases such standards in the region, where there are so near the border and South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia.

We must not forget that the one who encourages brutal aspirations of Georgian President Misha Saakashvili to previously betrothed States also will continue to be encouraged. It can be remembered as Georgia already pumping and so complicated situation in the region. Sami had a terrorist act by themselves and spent his investigation. A South Ossetia dubbed a terrorist breeding ground, which must be killed and how can faster. This inconstancy, which artificially created just for the event so that when NATO could intervene freely in any conflict.

It became clear that in this mountain-preparatory school will be trained combat troops from partner countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Who will go down in the list, is not yet clear, this is still anyone's guess. Had information that on the basis of trained amphibious units from Armenia. Georgian side was subjected to examination question about learning on the basis of the puppet soldiers of the Afghan army.

It became clear that the Ukrainian units withdrawn from this approach because of the forces of the Russian Federation and South Ossetia in August 2008, will return here in 2011. In the media there is information that is quite contradictory. The press in Georgia wrote that the base was captured by Russian military still on August 16, while there is yet another version.

According to which, after learning of the approach of Russian units to Sachkhere military base, the aforementioned French salting to Georgia Eric Fournier immediately arrived there in order to protect the personal presence of the base, which marked the beginning of the existence of France. What they have gained in the process of negotiations. Because military specialists from the Russian Federation did not manage to find out about the objects that are in Sachkhere. Russian soldiers braked nearby village of Perevi, which is located a few kilometers from the military base.

It was clear who exactly expect from the Ukrainian military in western Georgia, it will be a separate Guards mountain infantry battalion of the 13th Army Corps, which stationed in the Carpathians.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel said that in Sachkhere have a good and well-established center, which is designed to train military specialists for mountain warfare. He also noted that there have something to learn, and landfill equipment, and armament mountain infantry units and strategies for their actions.

It was also noted that Ukraine is ready to teach Georgian military bases on their own, such as the Institute of Public Defense Academy Nakhimov, as in other military universities.

All received further proof of the fact that Ukraine has become one step closer to full restoration of military-technical cooperation with the Georgian side, as it was in the past, President Viktor Yushchenko. In addition, the Ukrainian side has made another big step towards rapprochement with the North Atlantic Alliance.

But the official Kiev excuses, says that in Ukraine there are no special centers Mountain military training. Ukrainian Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel said that the terrain of Europe exclusively in Austria and Switzerland, there are special centers for the training of shooters, training Ukrainian military professiona
ls in these centers costing huge sums for the government of Ukraine. In general, in his own words, a high-ranking military rank disingenuous. Hard to imagine that Germany, Italy and France have their own own preliminary centers in the Alps to practice their own mountain riflemen.

It is now becoming clear that the military alliance of going under friendly slogans, develop combat actions in relation to the Caucasus region. Only now it will be open and unobstructed.

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