NATO will shrink

NATO plans reduce four command base in Europe that will leave no work almost five thousand people, said the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance. At a meeting of ministers of foreign affairs NATO in Brussels, it was about how to make union more militant in the criteria, when defense budgets are shrinking and growing challenges of the military temper.

NATO's presence in Europe will decrease. Number of command should reduce from 11 to 7, and auxiliary agencies — from 14 to just 3. With all of this will be reduced by 4,900 jobs. Land, sea and air bases must reduce from 6 to 3.

The purpose of configurations, according to the Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, will be that union during the budget cuts "leaner and more efficient."

As the English minister Defence Secretary Liam Fox, "it is necessary to cut off NATO slightly bureaucratic fat, you want to assure taxpayers that they are getting is not a bad value for their money."

Will be reduced and the commanding headquarters of the 3 is only two — the Dutch Brunssum and Naples in the Italian, from which at the moment is the operation in Libya.

Afghanistan remains a valuable

Military Acronyms and areas affected by the war. Attending the meeting in Brussels, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates tried to reassure alliance partners that the planned reduction in the South American presence in Afghanistan will not affect the balance of power in this troubled country.

"Even despite the fact that the United States will begin withdrawing troops in the subsequent week, I assured fellow ministers from our party will not be racing for the exit. And we expect a similar approach from our allies, "- said Gates.

There is a fear that if the output of own 100000th contingent will the U.S., other countries NATO rapidly follow suit. Because Anders Fogh Rasmussen has again stressed that NATO will not leave Afghanistan until the conviction of completion of the mission.

"We reaffirmed our commitment to Afghanistan. This is one of our key operating value. And together with our partners, we are making remarkable progress, "- said the manager of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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