Natural disaster in the capital of Ecuador

Natural disaster in the capital of Ecuador

April 16. Overpass at about 15:00 in the metropolitan area of Y, in the north of Quito, was almost completely flooded by heavy rain that hit the city today. Hail and rain, which lasted about an hour, destroyed the sewage system in the streets of Brasil, Shyris, 10 de Agosto, Amazonas, Rio Coca, 6 de Diciembre, Naciones Unidas. The water level reached about two meters in height, so that the water trapped passengers were two trolleys, taxis and pick-up — only about 150 people.

Desperate people who have realized that they can not escape, and their life is in danger, is beyond description. Passengers screamed, cried and called for help for an hour, watching in horror, all that water is coming. Arriving on call rescuers began evacuating, first children, pregnant women and people of retirement age. While rescue workers made their way to the vehicles almost up to his neck in water, then someone thought of to use inflatable boats.


As a result, all citizens were safely transported to a safe place, there were no casualties, residents of the capital escaped fright. While in the south and in the center of special incidents were reported.


Rains in the capital of Ecuador, led to the collapse of


April 14. 60 emergency calls received by employees of state-owned enterprise for road improvement Quito only at dawn yesterday, as a result of intense rains that hit the capital of Ecuador. Almost all the calls were related to rock falls and landslides of mud and stones.

In the northern part of the center of Quito rain began at 15:00 on Tuesday and lasted almost continuously until the hour of the night environment. This led to a steady rain that two hours later, at about 3:00 hillside 18 meters tall slid down in San Juan. Apart from a few broken windows in a house, serious material damage not, none of the residents was injured.

Over the highway Simon Bolivar were 25 landslides, and 7 occurred in Miraflores, three in Cima de la Libertad, on the way Conquistadores were 12 landslides of different sizes. In the San Diego area in the center of Quito, five families have been evacuated due to the risk of new landslides. On the site Interoceanica, before entering the tunnels Oswaldo Guayasamin (road from Cumbaya) was also registered a collapse that led to an overlap of traffic at the site Wednesday morning.

Employees of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Ecuador (Inamhi) reported that wet weather in Quito continue, at least until Friday. In addition to the incidents in the capital, from showers suffer even three districts of the country. In the city of Ambato (province of Tungurahua) due to flooding of the rivers, there are problems with the supply of drinking water.

State of emergency in the capital of Ecuador


April 15. Capital Quito city council yesterday announced a state of emergency in parts of the city, are areas of high risk of landslides and collapses at the continued fallout for several days.

Winter cataclysms on Wednesday caused several landslides, leading to loss of life (one dead, 17 years) and damage to property, disruption of transport in the city and surrounding area and damage to the potable water supply system. Publ. "Rains in the capital of Ecuador, led to the collapse."

The state of emergency, on conviction of municipal authorities, would facilitate the allocation of resettlement allowance of USD 10,000 for families whose homes are located in hazardous areas. According to head of security and management Lourdes Rodriguez, is also formed by the fund in the amount of USD 2,5 million in the case of an emergency and an additional fund of USD 10 million to eliminate the consequences of the winter rains in the capital: the construction of fortifications slopes, ditches and other road work . An employee reported that a state of emergency in the capital city of Ecuador will last at least until the first days of June.

Concerned municipal government and the state of underground sewer and water pipes. In five districts of Quito (street La Florida, 10 de Agosto, Turubamba, av. Cordova Galarza and De la Prensa) were reported failures of various sizes since February this year. Leaders of the state enterprise drinking water and plumbing repairs (Epmaaps) asserts that metropolitan network is old and pipe it is high time to change (they have 30 to 50 years). The city has 4,500 km of secondary sewerage catchments and 500. For the construction of new networks requires time and money.

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