Natural disasters hit in France, the U.S. and Japan

Natural disasters swept several parts of the world. Freezing rain paralyzed vehicular traffic in France. Fifty cars collided near Paris Roissy airport. Suffered about forty people. To release the roadway, police took several hours. In the capital itself France increased dramatically applied to the emergency room.


And the United States was in the grip of a powerful snow storm. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity and heat. Due to shortages of electricity rose trains between New York, Philadelphia and Boston. Canceled more than five thousand flights. Closed O'Hare International Airport — one of the largest in the world.


Heavy snow hit and Japan. Some cities have height drifts up to four feet. To help local residents and community services abandoned by the military. Paralyzed rail and road. According to authorities, this winter during the cold and snow in Japan, killing more than 80 people.


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