Natural disasters plagued the world — from Thailand to Chile

Bangkok, Thailand is dominated by the strongest in 50 years floods. Already half submerged metropolis, the water gets to the main attractions — the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Emergency services are trying to save the historic city center, erecting protective barriers, and the people rushed to leave the capital Jams on highways flooded Bangkok stretch for miles. Someone is trying to leave on their own, others are taken to the army trucks. Residents of the Thai capital remained only a day to leave the city. Bangkok threatened by severe floods. Many districts have already disappeared under the water, and its level increases with each passing hour."Right now, in the area where I live, the water level two feet. Had to move to the second floor, but there is simply not possible to live" — said a resident of the capital.From the disaster may suffer historical center of the city, including the main attractions — the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Tourists are strongly recommended to refrain from trips. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the victims of our countrymen yet.Currently, the weather is normal in the resorts of Thailand, airports send and receive aircraft normally. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the peak flood will have on Saturday. Emergency services are working around the clock, reinforcing dams and embankments and building barriers."We moved to another block, to find food and shelter. Our house is flooded. However, here we were well taken care of" — shows flood victims.Local residents say that the floods in the rainy season they used to, but the disaster of this magnitude can not remember. The water was more than a third of the kingdom, to varying degrees, affected at least two million people. In the list of hundreds of names of victims.Eliminate the impact of natural disasters in Europe. Over the northern provinces of Italy was a powerful cyclone. Nine people were killed, several more missing. In the mountainous areas of the country rains caused mudslides coming off, roads washed out, no electricity. Until now, some settlements can only be reached by helicopter. A resident of Mulatstso Luigi Ribes said: "I saw a wave of mud covering us. Stones, trees, cars — it is all swept away in its path."A similar picture is in Portugal. Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds, hundreds of people were left homeless. The number of accidents has increased several times.Reports of natural disasters come from Chile. There awoke Volcano Hudson. Within a radius of 40 kilometers declared a "red" alert level. People hurriedly leaving the house, so the eruption could begin at any moment.Author: Artem Krasulin

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