Natural fires approached the nuclear laboratory at Los Alamos in the U.S.

Fast-spreading wildfires in the U.S. state of New Mexico on Monday led to the temporary closure of the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, which during the Second World War was the center of the development of nuclear weapons, the Associated Press reported, citing local authorities.

The authorities claim that all radioactive and hazardous materials are protected, and the fire is not close to the objects of the laboratory.

Which began on Sunday fire covered an area is about 1.4 thousand hectares in the district in which the laboratory is located.

The county of Los Alamos previously announced voluntary evacuation of communities of Los Alamos and White Rock. Residents of more than 50 houses, and the laboratory staff was instructed to evacuate to fail.

Laboratory in Los Alamos, was founded in 1943, there were secret work on the creation of the atomic bombs that were used against Japan in 1945.

At present, the laboratory is one of the largest U.S. centers of science and technology in which research, including in the field of renewable energy, aerospace, medicine, supercomputing, nanotechnology.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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