Near Kaunas, Lithuania, started flooding

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The water level in the river Neris in Kaunas and Jonava areas rose about a meter, but the situation has stabilized. Rescuers have considered the possibility of blow up ice jam on the river, but after finding out the situation, it became clear that it was too dangerous — the ice rather weak, it is dangerous to climb. In addition, the traffic jam formed on the part of the river length of 8-10 km.

"We can not risk the lives of people and send them to a fragile ice. In addition, the traffic jam stretches for a long distance, one explosion is not enough. In the gardening association constantly on duty firefighters, rescue workers, who are observing the situation, at the moment the situation has stabilized, "- said DELFI Vytautas Kaminskas representative Jonava District Municipality.

DELFI recalls that the water of the river Neris in Jonava area overflowed and flooded dozens of country houses, but the people living in them, while not leave their homes, according to rescuers.

In Neighbourhood Uzhusalyay in horticultural association Posukis 2, flooded 15 homes, eight of them are inhabited. These homes are 20 adults and 10 children.

"Flooding happens here every year, so for us it is not news. Usually only the water level rises in March, and this time — much earlier. However, this must prepared, because every year the water floods the basement, "- said DELFI local Juozas.

In the gardening association Dailininkas flooded 12 houses, five of them are people — 10 adults and four children.

Source: DELFI

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