Near Saratov found 22 sheep carcasses


In the ditch beside the road found the body of the sheep. Photo:

9.08.11.Pod Saratov, in the village of Steppenwolf Perelyubskogo area recorded a massive loss of livestock. In the ditch beside the road, local residents discovered 22 Methven sheep.

Residents immediately became suspicious and contacted the local authorities. Now in the case of review, we consider the version of that animal reckless driver knocked on the car. However, there may be other versions of case, including infectious disease.

— Cause of fatal disease of sheep can be set, most likely poisoning or any contagious infectious disease. On the other hand, do not raise panic ahead of time, the sheep would be killed on the Banality of overheating, — the veterinarian Artem Vinogradov.


Source: KP.RU — Saratov

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