Nemesis is in the solar system? History of the discovery of Spanish astronomers

Information on the new planet, which is periodically found in our solar system, different astronomers continue to emerge. These data are also interesting because many theories about "planet-x" or "Nibiru", associated with space aliens and the end of the world in 2012.

Scientists at places such as NASA and the representatives of famous observatories deflected all questions about the discovery of a new planet in the solar system for many years, because they fear that such information immediately acquire with a pile of conspiracy theories.

But whether we like it or not — it has happened. Well … according to the information from a group of Spanish astronomers who call themselves StarViewer team.

The team is mentioned in all the news web sites in the past two weeks, claiming they discovered something very significant — a new planet. This "Planet X"Almost two times larger than Jupiter and is located directly behind our most distant asteroid, Pluto. The planet is surrounded by large satellites. It's what astronomers call a "brown dwarf", and its official name is now "G1.9?.

This newly discovered "brown dwarf" is believed to have formed from the same material from which our Sun was born, and in fact it is a satellite of the sun, rotating on an elongated orbit.


Nemesis (Nibiru) Is a dark space body: protostar, in the depths of which have not started thermonuclear reactions, and have now been cooled down, or vice versa, the star quickly use up their stock of thermonuclear fuel and has now also cooled.

One reason for assuming the existence of Nemesis Steel Stone Age cave paintings depicting the two suns.

By actively discussed in the 1970-1980-s theory about the sun in a wide orbit of a rotating star Nemesis.
Approaching the solar system, the Nemesis has to create gravitational perturbations in the orbits of the planets, Earth's magnetic field and even bring down to Earth icy planetoids of the so-called Oort cloud.

Astronomers have found that the parameters of the orbit recently discovered planetoid Sedna suggest that our sun might be part of a binary star system. Binary systems previously considered rare, according to the latest data, are common in our galaxy. Astrophysics Krattenden Walter (Walter Cruttenden) of the Binary Research Institute (BRI), Professor Richard Muller (Richard Muller) from UC Berkeley, Dr. Daniel Uitmir (Daniel Whitmire) from Louisiana State University and others have long been engaged in the search of a hypothetical satellite of the sun. Much of the evidence at their disposal so far had mainly statistical. The recent discovery of Dr. Michael Brown (Michael Brown) a large asteroid Sedna provided the first physical evidence of a mysterious second star — the so-called nemesis — the solar system.

Based on recent findings by Dr. Brown, showing that Sedna rotates extremely elliptical orbit, Dr. Krattenden found that the movement of the planetoid is a gravitational resonance with the movement of companion star, the theoretical parameters of the orbit has been recently published. "Sedna just can not stay where it is, — says Dr. Brown. — There is no apparent force that could put on a planetoid orbit. Sedna, despite its eccentric orbit, though not approaching the perihelion is close enough to the sun to feel its gravitational influence, and not too far removed in aphelion to be affected by other stars. It is very difficult to explain this situation Sedna, of course, if it has not formed exactly where she is now. "

Rather, the behavior of the planetoid indicates the action of some unknown force in the solar system. The most likely of these forces is the gravitational pull of the dark companion of the Sun.

Now, thanks to recent discoveries of Sedna and planetoids Xena (2003 UB313, which is the latest updated data exceeds the size of Pluto), and the study of the time of the orbit, the search for the invisible star received a new impetus.

Similar to the observed binary stars, scientists have come to believe that in the solar system, two stars.

The research team led by Paul Kalas (Paul Kalas) University of California at Berkeley, conducted using the Hubble Space Telescope study of 22 Sun-like stars. The aim of the study was to find a dark disk of planetary material for stars and study their properties. These discs have been found in two of them — HD 53143 and HD 139664, located at a distance of about 60 light-years from Earth. Both discs are likely to be in equilibrium steady state.

This may indicate the presence of satellite star — in particular, the satellite orbit which runs along the outer edge of the disc. He constantly "cuts" edge of a disk-shaped cloud of dark matter, provided it "blur." According to scientists, these systems have massive companion — a star, such as a brown dwarf, outlining in his motion outer boundary of the disk.

Similar effects are observed in the Kuiper belt, it may mean that our sun has a companion — star Nemesis.

Perhaps that is it is responsible for a very strange orbit newly discovered celestial body 2004 XR190 «Buffy."

Interestingly, the hypothesis Nemesis
and "fatal" name was originally required to explain the recurrence of periods of mass death virtually all life on our planet. This means that further evidence of the existence of Nemesis
in reality can have very important implications for our understanding of not only the history of the Earth, but also of our own destiny in the future.

Hypothesis becomes a reality

The newly discovered brown dwarf is reported is only 60 AU (AU) (1 AU = the distance from the Sun to Earth) from us, and is now moving in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. Because of periodic gravitational disturbances in the Oort cloud, a Spanish group of astronomers calculated that G1.9 travels in an elliptical orbit closer to the sun.

Why Nemesis is not found before?

You may ask why astronomers have never detected this object before. In fact, they have long found it. G1.9 was first identified as a "supernova remnant" in 1984 by Dave Green of the University of Cambridge, and then after a more detailed study with a very large telescope array NRAO in 1985, it became clear that the object detected unusually small for a supernova.

In 2007, X-ray observations from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory revealed that the object is much larger than the last time it was observed! It increased in size by 16%. Puzzled by this observation, Very Large Array repeated its observations 23 years ago and found that it increased in size. Knowing that the supernova is not expanding as fast, if not just exploded, they explained that G1.9 must be a "very young" supernova — age, not more than 150 years. But no information about the visible supernova has been found corresponding to that historical period (the time of the Civil War in the United States).

Spanish astronomers have tracked this object with great interest because they are expected to become available. Gravity anomalies appearing in the Oort cloud for some time, suggesting that the disturbances were caused by a number of objects with significant mass. Fixed that G1.9 further increased in size. This is exactly what they expected, and this proves that the object (Planet X, Nibiru Nemesis) Came close to the Earth.

Object G1.9 [Above right] is currently located towards the center of our Galaxy, Sagittarius, which glows brightly in this infrared image of the spectrum. Because of the bright background G1.9 not visible in normal light wavelengths.

Image [above] Shows evidence that the object increases in size during the 23 years. On the left blue spherical object was recorded in the radio in 1985 by Very Large Array. Image on the right shows the same observation point obtained in 2008. Obviously, the object is.

In this image [above] We see the original 1985 photograph of radio emission from VLA compared to the photo in 2007, an X-ray image taken Chandra.

The image above was given command Starviewer. It shows the object G1.9
left and known brown dwarf, Gilese 229A right. We are looking into the microwave band emissions (spoken by Starviewer), which indicate the radiant heat from each source. The dark red area is the hottest. Note that G1.9 has a solid heat-like Gilese 229A. Starviewer team says this suggests that if the G1.9 indeed a supernova, as previously thought, we would expect that the spherical area would be greater because the hot gas, and emissions from an exploding star would have been concentrated in the surrounding housing.

Example infrared scanning emissions Swan-Loop supernova below.

There is scientific evidence of what a brown dwarfG1.9is the real cause of climate change. Back in July of 2010, Dr. Paul Clark, published onScience.comarticles related to this issue, and almost 700 scientists signed the report on climate change.

What's next?

Team StarViewer, published the results of their research back in 2009 in a number of journals, as well as on its website. Collected evidence met extremely negative reaction in astronomical circles that strongly hindered adoption of open and demanded more evidence.

In a statement Starviewer wrote that NASA will never allow this information to go on public display. NASA fools people head to distract the attention of nonsense as a small group of scientists trying to tell the world what is happening and why.

In his article, the Spanish scientists, astronomers have openly accused NASA of concealing information that in our solar system, there is another massive object (two times larger than Jupiter) — the star of "brown dwarf" (official name G1.9), Which affects the orbits of known planets. Ie, in fact, our solar system is binary. Spanish astronomers claim that it has long been known to NASA, which is quite simply leads all the nose, hiding this information from ordinary people.

Starviewer: «As for the effects, they are different: the melting of glaciers, the pole shift, the increase in seismic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, rain, climate instability, etc. All this will happen gradually, not immediately, "- (this was said in 2009 and what is happening in 2012?)

Starviewer: The most important thing is to be alert and not to believe in what NASA claims or senior officials. Do not believe in what is happening around a simple coincidence or the result of release of CO2. Beginning to appreciate the most important thing, knowing what your logic tells you, not what they want to impress your mind. In addition, this is another step forward in the history, when scientifically izmenitsya.To something that is happening now is very reminiscent of the days of Galileo. In this era, people were afraid to believe that the planets revolve around the sun. And basically, nothing has changed (only changed scientific model). In this case, the same thing. Nothing changes, because our system is binary. Pluto is so far from the Sun and the Earth, which may well become unique in its kind cataclysm. Amplified glacial melt …? Maybe. The gradual shift of the geophysical maps? Possible. Changing the shape of the planet? It is also possible, but as I told you, it will be gradual, not sudden.

Be calm. So, do not believe what they say about the CO2, because it is simply a lie. Also, do not believe that we are the only ones in the universe, because it is also a lie.

Look into yourself, explore your inner world, listen to everyone, and make sure that we want to deprive our own personal opinions. In fact, that is what scares us. Why do we want to make believe that everything that happens is just an accident or a coincidence? This is the same as in the days of Galileo, but this time, humanity can confront the challenge, awakening the universal consciousness. From now on, we are not that naive. "True" science will serve only for the good. "Good science is to make money and provide the data public." "Official science in order to retain the very public in the dark."

Starviewer:Amateur astronomy sees what she says official astronomy.
Therein lies the problem. Let's make it independent of the science, and not a "disciple" of official astronomy. Do not forget about this responsibility, a good professional astronomer to be an expert in their field, and to tell how to see, what to see and where to see. What is the sense to hide? It is not, but there is a "but" … Hide information for economic gain, and in the meantime, to subdue the masses, who are in the dark.

Simply put … We do not want to tell the truth. Simply put, we do get to the bottom it. We, the human race, who does not want to control it.

On the brown dwarf in the solar system, has been known for over 20 years, but this very topic vlsti, media and NASA have made a laughing stock. Why not just write about Nibiru and now people do not take the threat seriously. Brown dwarf is part of a binary system to which we belong, and which may cause the tragic change in the case of a gradual approach to the ground. This is a concern. Everything happens for a reason. The emitted gases or child breathe the air they are not the result of global warming, as well as gases cows, while we want to make believe otherwise. Galileo reported his discovery, but it had no impact on the opinion of geophysicists, although his discovery proved — we are not the center of the universe, and the grave is not underground. Brown dwarf is something more complex and if it penetrates the orbit in the solar system, the consequences will be serious.

The rotation of the planet is regressive: that is, it is removed and is close to the solar system. Motion Nemesis
orbital related to the intensity of regular disasters on Earth, such as those that occurred in the past, and the transformation of the desert valley of the Nile, the emergence of inland lakes, the emergence of the Black Sea, etc.
Presumably, the tragic cataclysm does happen, and it will depend on various factors: the place of passage, position relative to the earth, and on the orbit of a celestial body.

Obviously, the difference between the "before" and "after" in the consciousness of the world will be evident, and with absolute certainty, I can say that much has changed in the lives of people in science, including in our evolution. Nothing bad will happen to us if we are aware of the most important, re-learn how to interact with nature, the world, and with the remaining creatures.

This exciting opportunity will allow us to be called an intelligent civilization.

Transcending culture based on material values and the power, and changing it to a culture based on interaction, on equality, on the world consciousness and common interests, we will take an incredible challenge.

With the advent of science, we are trying to prevent the event, to explain and to understand them. However, there is no point to panic ahead of time, as close to my eyes and say that nothing bad will happen.

At such times, it is necessary to gather all their strength and achieve inner peace. Anyone who can understand it, will be able to confront the modern world.

Life, energy, light, gravity — it is force. Our mind is full of light, despite the fact that our body — matter, the light draws us in mind, and only matter is modified.

Great mystery for science is the logic of our sleeping consciousness. Modern science denies consciousness and replaces it with the mind, but with only the mind can not explain the logic of the universe and its mysteries.

Our future is in the stars, and not in our Mother Earth, but only to understand our solar system and what is around us, we are ready for change.

Official science says, "we are talking about radioactive waste Supernova, which are close to us." In fact, in this direction, and things will go. So they buy time. Just think, they believe that "people do not know anything." But this time they did not work, at a frequency of light «X" rays and "Gamma" can be clearly seen that the orbit of Pluto and its irradiated. Such things are hard to hide a long vremya.Na this time will not work. We can give you six arguments to prove that it is not a supernova.

In fact, we are waiting for some "official astronomer," we say this with confidence: "This is a supernova."

But in this statement, we are ready to refute:

    1. Supernova can be the size of G1.9 +3, not to mention the fact to reflect the blue color in the spectrum of infrared rays. Brown dwarf L or T in contrast, can be as small as 1 to 3 Mj, the question arises as to whether methane.
      Type T dwarfs distinctly blue due to lack of green and red light in the absorption spectrum caused by methane. Methane in Jupiter's atmosphere is also in excess, and the gas, coupled with the clouds, and other complex molecules generates alternating patches of pink and blue, on Jupiter. (Kirkpatrick of L & T dwarfs, classification dwarf type M, L, and T, and the T dwarfs Adam J. Bergasse).
    2. If this was indeed the supernova at 30 UA, then the rays emitted by it this second would turn us into a mess.
    3. On the Oort cloud, in the exact position is fuzzy star swirl momentum heliopause, between 30 and 35 UA, which fits up to the coordinates where it was found anomaliya.Koordinaty facility, located in the constellation Sagittarius G1.9 +3:

      RA: 17h48m45s
      Dec: -27:10:00
      Alt: -25:51:13
      Az: 102:49:28
      Coordinates of Pluto:

      RA: 18h: 04m: 53s
      Dec: -17:44:24
      Alt: -20:35:50
      AZ: 94:13:31
    4. Both are located in the constellation Sagittarius.
    5. You can be sure that the stellar momentum in the Oort increases by 41%, resulting in the displacement of the asteroid, which currently affect the Jupiter and Pluto.
    6. If you look at the spectrum of gamma rays (Fermi), you will see that Gamma radiation in the area characteristic of the area, which is adjacent to the center of the galaxy, and therefore zone appears in a bright orange color. When it comes to a nearby supernova, the light should be in the spectrum of a bright red color, but as we can see this is not the case, and therefore it is a different object: brown dwarf type T that contains methane.
    7. It is clearly seen that in the last two months, there have been small changes directions in the magnetosphere of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and of course, the Earth and Venus. In fact, Mercury described the unusual trajectory in LASCO2, bumped down to 33? in its axis, Venus and Earth at 22? and 19.5? respectively.
      Incidentally so says Elsa Pataky, and personally I do not, so we say, 700 astronomers from various academic institutions, including a more than 20 reports of NASA Oort cloud, and the above coordinates.

What's interesting is that NASA already know and this undermined their authority, because they are not interested in our approach, and Dr. Murray was adopted by them for an idiot.

Here you can see the famous order which NASA is still hiding:
Finally, this is a topic of Planet X, has been studied for over 20 years, and which NASA carefully locks.


Probably, it's fun to give people ridiculous data or they just lie. Yes lie.It turns out that the theory of three, arranged in a number of tectonic plates was tested for 19 years. Curiously, NASA posted. Check it:

One thing is clear, NASA says that everything that happens in the world is the result of release of CO2.
We do not trust official sources. This time we will not be silent. Enough! Say no lie …!

Please note that the application for Binary solar system do not just anybody, and astronomer (!), Pointing to the same direction in which the search is a brown dwarf. Besides their findings, they are ready to confirm the numbers and coordinates.

Surprisingly, after the appearance of this article NASA just simply ignored all questions on this matter. Only recently made a comment:

In 2010 (Just think — a year after the notificationStarviewer!) NASA has finally responded to numerous questions about the brown dwarf G1.9,answered on their official website, that the whole story fiction and deception, because if that were the case, then this object has long been open to amateur astronomers. Ie now NASA actually accuses Spanish astronomers lies.

Thus some controversy between the Spanish team StarViewer Team and NASA's going on.

One thing is clear, someone of them still lying. Or all the same both? In the latter convinced Zetas:

NASA and a group of Spanish astronomers would seem (to impress) disputing with one another, in order to hide the fact that they work together. It was assumed that the discovery of G1.9, will be made later to NASA was able to explain the Earth changes and anomalies caused by Planet X. NASA waited held a hoax because they were connected to numerous media reports, but as a hoax spread across the Internet, NASA's nervous and decided to abandon the idea. But more recently, May 8, 2010 NASA, recalling this mystification, showed that it was in cahoots with the cheats!

What to believe, is up to you … but, again, the fact remains that the "discovery" of Spanish astronomers was done in 2009, and NASAin no waydid not react to it, as if waiting for something … and just a year later in 2010, stated that all this hype and nonsense.

It seemsNASA again plays games, to hide the presence of Planet X in the solar system!


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