Nemtsov: Putin is afraid of repeating the fate of Tymoshenko

Nemtsov: Putin is afraid of repeating the fate of Tymoshenko

In Prague, the conference "Forum 2000" came one of the harshest critics of Putin. Boris Nemtsov, a former vice-prime minister under President Boris Yeltsin.

Nemtsov calls to boycott Russian election and blames Fishing season that their own interests and the interests of his own environment, he puts above the interests of Russia.

At meetings of the opposition 53-year-old native of Sochi has been arrested a couple of times, not so long ago he was involved in the development of anti-Kremlin opposition "People's Freedom Party."

In 2009, Nemtsov has put forward his candidacy for mayor of Sochi, but he did not have access to television and other media. He ended up second, with a huge gap from the Kremlin's candidate.

Five years earlier, Nemtsov became a principal figure in Ukrainian "orange revolution" as an advisor Viktor Yushchenko. In this function, he remained in the first phase of Yushchenko's presidency.

Nemtsov in Prague gave a small interview Aktuálně.cz.

Aktuálně.cz: Tuesday Kiev tribunal sentenced former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko to seven years in jail. You perfectly know her personally, you worked in Ukraine advisor to President Viktor Yushchenko. What this means to you to court?

Boris Nemtsov: This is very sad news. And, unfortunately, the revolution in Ukraine. It seems that Yanukovych is trying to make some putinization Ukraine. I am not a supporter of Tymoshenko, in the past I did a lot of criticism. But I personally know her very well for the "orange" revolution.

100% sure that it is politically targeted and being under the influence of policy process. It has not got to jail because of corruption or bribery. She is there because of the contract, which was signed by Putin. Why is the tribunal had not questioned Putin as a witness? Two signatures on the contract. The creator of one — go to jail, the creator of the second — going to the Kremlin as president of Russia. With all this it is not clear what was the role of Putin at the conclusion of the contract.

I understand why the tribunal gave Yanukovych over Tymoshenko. He, like Putin, wants to get rid of political competition. Next year will be the parliamentary elections, and the popularity of Yanukovich falls. A Tymoshenko As before the most highly popular opposition politician.

What will happen now, is dependent on the activity of Ukrainian opposition and their representatives. Will put pressure on Yanukovych whether rallies, etc.. If the protests are not strong, Yanukovych will take this as a signal to continue their course.

— How should Europe respond?

— Yanukovych really is dependent on Europe. Not only as a transit country Ukraine between Russia and West Europe. Aggravate or significantly restrict business with Europe is not in his best interest. With all of this response will be the main West.

If you come forward realpolitik, and the answer will be moderate, say, diplomatic, for Yanukovych and his people, this will mean that their strategy is correct and justified.

— The process, of course, criticize and Moscow …

— Yes, I find it quite funny. Do you understand why Putin is so clear and firmly opposes process? Not because of democracy or human rights, but because of the very fact that the prime minister can go to jail. He's also the chairman of the government. Ukraine, so Makarov, from his point of view, can be an example for Russia naughty.

In addition, he is afraid that all contracts in which There is Russian gas company "Gazprom", because of what is going on with Tymoshenko may come under oscillation. But Gazprom's business — this business of Putin.

-Do you think that running Yanukovych Ukraine is once again becoming an authoritarian state?

At first, it must be said that Yanukovych is not a clever politician and man. He had limited education and weird past two times he was in the bullpen (in his youth for theft and assault — Ed.). He just wanted to be a strong favorite as Putin. Without political competition and the end of life.

But the Ukrainian society is different from Russian. They are not very similar, although many in the world think so. Ukrainians have, in other words, the people of the western and central parts of the country, in general, not the imperial mindset. On the contrary, they are faster, themselves considered colonized civilization. They hated Stalin and Stalinism. Their is no need to have at the head of the country, say, a strong king. I never had any king, who was sitting in a Kiev.

Yanukovych is definitely in style and management wish to be similar to Putin, but if the opposition in Ukraine remains strong and active, he is almost out.

— And again about Putin. Do you believe that he will be president until most of the period for which he is currently president of the constitution allows you to stay? In other words, before 2024?

— Putin wants to be president for life. I thought it wiser, knowing how many years in power commit Terai. Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, Qaddafi in Libya. As is now rocked Lukashenko in Belarus …

But Putin is afraid for their freedom, for their own business, for their power. It also protects the business interests of his friends and his own environment. Their business is very successful due to the state. This is a common example of crony capitalism, based on the links.

Putin, of course, is afraid that if he left politics, he may be deprived of anything, can begin an investigation. Tymoshenko's case for him a warning.

— Do you see any positive aspects presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, his time is coming to an end?

— You can not talk about the term Medvedev, he was not the one for whom it was the final word. It was Putin. Medvedev should be commended for the fact that he threw some very corrupt politicians. For example, the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, or control of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

But the negative aspects predominate. Brand new Constitution, which extends the presidential term to six years — a tragedy for Russian democracy. Trying to attachment of Abkhazia and South Ossetia to the Russian Federation, as the war with Georgia, had no meaning. Our homeland nothing from it has not.

Also, contrary to common sense extension base rent for a Ukrainian Sevastopol Russian Black Sea Fleet. A waste of money, this Fleet to anything.

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