New Ice Age: Origins

Comrade said yesterday kulebakin, that signs of a new ice age increase, here I give a generalization to other sources.Three Independent American researcher Sun, came to the same conclusions — the same as those that have been previously made by our scientists in Russia's Pulkovo Observatory:

— solar activity falls
— the current solar cycle, which began in December 2009, will be weak
— Next followed, starting in 2018-2020, may become so weak that it will begin the Little Ice Age

These three studies were announced this week at a press conference on the annual Meeting of Solar Physics of the astronomical community in New Mexico.

As one of the researchers: "We expected to see the zonal activity cycle 25, but there is not the slightest sign. This means it will be postponed until the 2020s or not at all."Quoting the National Solar Observatory: "The immediate question — is this a sign of the coming of the second minimum Maunder, similar to the period 1645-1715" (Note — the Little Ice Age).
Serious threat to the Little Ice Age much earlier raised the Russian astronomer Habibullo Abdussamatov of Pulkovo, which, with reference to the work of Eugene Borisenkova Geophysics 1988, back in 2008 in his article showed a serious drop in the future solar activity."Earth is no longer threatened by global warming, some say.Peak warming occurred in 1998-2005 ", He wrote: "Instead, we should fear a deep temperature drop".   SOURCE — LPACAs commentators — I recommend read your post below two years ago. An excerpt:

"… Most of the sun is very low. Some scientists believe it is a sign of the beginning of a new Little Ice Age, similar to the previous in the 17th century, when the Baltic Sea froze completely, and were held on the ice of the Thames celebrations … It can not not know Prince Charles . In this connection, the question arises, why he was lying, why it has become a false prophet? I have no other possible answers to this question except LaRouche proposed in late 1993 — …they want a war, "to improve the structure of the population" that 20% of the world population living in the northern hemisphere, could survive on the remaining 80%. With the so-called environmentalist are trying to destroy science and technology. " Prince Charles — the servant of evil, that's all! '

"Take heed that no one deceives you!" (C), 2009

Source: aftershock-1.

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