New information on sea-level rise

Recent calculations of scientists have shown that the level of the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the U.S., especially in California, will be significantly more by 2030 and will be about 15 cm to the 2100 figure will rise to 1 meter, which will flood the famous beaches, sand dunes and expand bays and estuaries.
Land will decrease by approximately 30 m in length in a mountainous part, a flat reduction would be much more serious. Swampy areas will exist no more than 50 years and will be absorbed by seawater, which will certainly affect the process of exchange and preserve moisture.
States of Oregon, Washington and northern California will be less affected. By 2030, the sea will rise by only 10 cm with a small, but in 2100, at 61 cm due to the constant seismic activity, lifting of the local tectonic plate to the north of the San Andreas fault up. And for Washington lowland sandy beaches even this forecast does not seem comforting.
Experts warn that if the settlement is fully justified, then after a couple of years, the damage to the west coast, regularly left by El Niño, will grow to extraordinary size. Indeed, during this atmospheric phenomenon in the ocean water, and so rises to 30 cm above normal, waves during storms also getting higher and more dangerous to coastal buildings and people living there.
With the possible formation of the earthquake under the Pacific Ocean in the Cascadia subduction zone near the Oregon and Washington Sea level can rise by another 1.8 meters in a matter of minutes when lowering the ocean bottom. Something similar has happened in this part of North America 300 years ago. In addition to the risk of flooding and flooding will increase the percentage of soil erosion and blur.
Melting glaciers, global warming — these are the main reasons for the increase in global sea level. And let the global average figure even by 2100 will not be as impressive, this should not stop in an attempt to influence those horrific climate change processes that were run by the people themselves.

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