New York may be under water by 2020

According to the latest report of the meteorologists, sea level rise caused by climate change could flood much of New York.
One-third of the city could be under water when the city was hit by Hurricane Irene type.

In relation to climate change Lower Manhattan is the most dangerous place of the city, as most of it can be underwater.

"The risk of flooding is high, and the consequences could be enormous," — said Art deGaetano, Cornell University scientist and lead author ClimAID study. "It is already clear that many areas of the city can be completely uninhabitable."

According to scientists, a strong hurricane damage the subway system, as well as a negative impact on the work of our airports — La Guardia and Kennedy, located just at the level of the sea.

Report published by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, made it clear that due to raising the water level, and due to change in weather changes will be sensitive by the beginning of the next decade.

Taking into account the active melting of ice in the Antarctic, the water level around Manhattan and Long Island will increase by more than 10 cm by 2050 the water level reaches 2.5 feet, and by 2080 — 4.5 feet if current conditions persist.

However, the possible disasters associated with flooding, are not the only ones. The report said that the city could happen jump an average annual temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050 and 9 degrees — by 2080.

Apparently, all of us are waiting for the new test.


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