New Zealand city in danger of underground eruption

Scientists warn that the city is in danger Auklend. Over the past 250,000 years have completely changed the landscape of volcanoes areas. During the study, we used a wide variety of models and devices for the study of 50 volcanoes. It became evident that the eruption will occur within the city limits, including the outskirts. Scientists agree that the real eruption Auklenda residents will be known only a few hours before the event.
The territory of the volcanic field in Auklende is 360 square kilometers. The field is considered active, and scientists is difficult to determine the exact time when an explosion next Magma ball. The last known eruption in the field was 600 years ago.
Magma ball is formed by mixing of groundwater with magma, resulting in a very high temperature steam promotes extensive exposure. On the spot formed ogromnyk crater, which will eventually be filled with water, turning into a lake. More than half of eruptions caused the education Auklende lakes and lava flows.

It is thought that 1.4 million people at risk Auklenda major eruption in the next 80 years. Destruction will affect buildings, infrastructure within 3 kilometers from the epicenter of the event, and will lead to the closure of offices, reduced tourism in the region. To all, a great danger of the spread of fires caused by the ash. The air in a radius of 10 kilometers will impede the movement of vehicles and a negative impact on public health.


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