New Zealand: Will the ecological catastrophe?

As a result of a collision with a reef in the ocean water could get up to 100 tonsPrime Minister of New Zealand John Key said the situation with the oil spill off the coast of the country requires the answers to "very serious questions."
Oil spill took place on October 5 due to a clash of Liberian container vessel "Rena" with a reef, resulting in a damaged tank with oil, the volume of 1700 tons.
According to the head of government, the authorities are just two investigate the causes of the disaster.
"People know about the reef, and eventually ran into him for no apparent reason — at night, in calm water. We need to understand why," — said John Kay.
Environmentalists, meanwhile, raised the possibility of environmental catastrophe — on-site oil spill killed birds and animals. As a result of the disaster off the coast of New Zealand was the most extensive water pollution in recent decades.
Of holes in the container ship in the ocean could get up to 100 tons of oil.
The rescue operation
The remaining fuel in the tanks of the vessel must be promptly pumped out to avoid further pollution.
Authorities ordered to form several groups of rescuers who will clean the beach of oil stains. Special attention will be given to an animal in need.
Help has been provided to several birds, including representatives of the fairly rare species — the blue penguin. The birds were taken to a rehabilitation center for animals in those Maung.
To speed the collapse of oil spilled on it from a helicopter sprayed dispersant, but the measure was not high.
Around the container, "Reno", is still located on the water, isolated kilometer exclusion zone.

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