Next week will fly past Earth asteroid half a kilometer

Morning of September 14 will fly past Earth Asteroid 2012 QG42 size of about half a kilometer.

Now astronomers are attempting to test the radar of this celestial body, said in a statement on the website of Italian observatory Remantsakko.

Asteroid 2012 QG42 was first discovered participants (Catalina Sky Survey), whose main task is to find the small bodies of the solar system — asteroids and comets. Scientists estimate that the size of the body is from 200 to 500 meters.

Next Friday, 14 September, at 05.12 GMT (07.12 on Kiev) the asteroid will fly at a distance of 0.019 astronomical units (2.84 million kilometers, or about 7.4 average distance from the Earth to the Moon).

Thus, the asteroid 2012 QG42 off the list of potentially dangerous — this class includes all of the body size of 100 meters and is approaching Earth at a distance of less than 0.05 astronomical units.

Scientists expect to do radar observations of the asteroid with the Arecibo radio telescope and Goldstone.

As the astronomers in the future 2012 QG42 will fly closer to the Earth. So, September 15, 2039, he will fly a distance 0.014 AU (5.6 distance to the moon).


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