Nibiru and Comet Elenin. That could threaten Earth. Information Kharkiv astronomers

Nibiru does not threaten Earth

Comet Elenin actually exists, in contrast to the planet Nibiru, which hides aliens.

At a press conference the director of the Kharkov planetarium Galina Zheleznyak.

According Zheleznyak Comet Elenin was opened in the autumn of 2010. Each year professional astronomers discover dozens of planets.

"Comet offers a lot. Perhaps the astronomer himself did not expect that the images of the comet will cause a stir, "- said the director of the planetarium.

According to her, those spaceships. Which supposedly is in the photo of the comet — a star that has been photographed in a certain time frame.

"People who are trying to impose a sensation quite familiar with astronomy. When astronomers discover a comet, the comet is so far away that she fly to the vicinity of the Earth for about two years. This does not mean. That they arrive on Earth. Comet flies into many millions of miles from Earth. And if the comet two years arrived, it could be observed even amateur telescopes. Now no amateur telescope can not see the comet and the fantastic planet, "- said Zheleznyak.

Recall that in June at the Kharkov planetarium will be two new views, and on June 15 Kharkov can watch the lunar eclipse.Source:

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