Nigeria begins to combat desertification

The Nigerian government has decided to formally participate in the environmental program "The Great Green Wall» (GGW), to combat the expansion of deserts and droughts in the northern part of the West African country. Number of measures to strengthen the ecological balance in the most populous country in Africa will be implemented in 11 states of Nigeria, with the advancing sands bordering the Sahara.

In general, the Nigerian land opustynivayutsya and erode due mindless cutting and without the small forest and the absence of any measures to restore the balance of ecosystems. To prevent the further advance of the sands to the south, in eight states (Borno, Kano, Zhigava, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Yobe and Zamfara), where the situation is most dire, the authorities plan to organize the so-called solid "green belt" of artificially planted trees and shrubs , small oases. The length of this zone is about 1500 km, the width will be 15 km. In the other three states (Adamawa, Bauchi and Gombe) will be supporting the "green belt".
Minister of Environment of Nigeria assured that the entry into the program will be implemented gradually and comprehensively, with all the natural features of the country, and will be aimed at maintaining the ecological principle of sustainable development through trusted geoengineering solutions.
The "Great Green Wall" was developed by African Union to deal with the expansion of the southern border of the Sahara Desert, and includes 11 African countries have agreed to organize a "green belt" of 7.775 km long and 15 km wide from Senegal to Djibouti. GGW is from July 2005.


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