North Korea is preparing for a volcanic eruption Baekdu

As reported by Radio Free Asia on Wednesday, North Korea has begun preparations for a possible eruption of Mount Baekdu. According to sources, the radio station, two professors of geography at the University of Kim Yungsu who participated in the expedition to the volcano, arrived in Pyongyang to hold a seminar on the volcanic Baekdu.

They reported that in the cities Samjiyon, Taehongdan, Pochon and Ryanggang province twice in the fall 2010 training exercises for the evacuation.

Activation of the volcano is also worth a stop for the work on the construction of the railway to Mount Baekdu, as well as a giant tourist and sports complex in the area. Both projects are scheduled to be completed in 2012.


"Concerned about the possible eruption of Baekdu, the North Korean authorities intensify talks with China for the construction of underground structures and city buildings in the provinces of Ryanggang and North Hamgyong», — radio speech leads prestavitelya Research Institute — "In all likelihood, North Korea plans to use China's help rebuild infrastructure after the eruption. "

The volcano is considered a sacred place in North Korea. Claimed that Kim Il Sung and his family were born in these places. To support this theory Pyongyang renamed Jangsu Peak, located near Baekdu, in the Peak Jong Il, in honor of the country's leader Kim Jong Il. Son, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, is often described as the "successor Baekdu line." In fact, Kim Il Sung radilsya in Jeollanam-do Province, is now in South Korea.

North Korean authorities are Baekdu as a symbol of the dynasty, Kim Il Sung, and therefore are silent about a possible eruption. Perhaps the eruption will be much more significant than it seems.

Translation: Vitaly Semkin
Source: The Chosunilbo

Kim Jong Il ordered to prepare for a volcanic eruption

January 30, 2011. DPRK leader Kim Jong Il ordered the party structures to prepare an action plan in case of eruption of Baekdu. This is with reference to its sources in North Korea told the publication, "the Daily Al-Kay."

Recall that Baekdu volcano located on the border between China and North Korea. He is the highest point on the Korean peninsula. Volcano is considered the Koreans holy because this mountain, according to legend, came to earth the first Korean ruler Tangun.

According to the publication, the staff to prepare an action plan in case of a volcanic eruption were representatives of the executive and party structures provinces Young and North Hamgyong. Just on their territory or in the immediate vicinity and the volcano is located.

According to the source, "the Daily Al-Kay", in case of an explosion of a volcano 60 percent of the damage will be done to the Chinese territory, and the remaining 40 will occur in North Korea. It is also noted that the topic of a possible eruption of Kim Jong-Il has already raised at the beginning of December last year, when he came to the inspection trip to Musan County, North Hamgyong Province. Then the leader of North Korea said that the eruption in 2016.

Note that in recent years, concern about the possible eruption of Baekdu became evident also in South Korea. In December last year on this topic was held a special conference. The most violent eruption occurred Baekdu in 1702. Then the ashes spread over an area of 10,000 square kilometers. Certain volcanic activity near Baekdu recorded regularly in our time.

Source: The Russian Newspaper

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