North Texas beat hail

Residents of the northern part of the State of Texas, USA, have witnessed a series of unexpected storms, accompanied by precipitation of large hailstones. Meteorologists have called the strongest episode in Dallas for the last 10 years, as hailstones the size of tennis reached there or baseball, and fell to the ground with incredible speed.
None of the residents was injured, but the number of broken windows and roofs of the houses, the lights on the streets, broke trees and cars, which turned into a sieve, which affects up to terror. Other way no one expected, as the hail hit, still three hours row. After the disaster Completely destroyed the tent became famous theater Lakewood east of Dallas. Hit the glass exposure in the urban arboretum. Around 6,000 homes and businesses were without electricity.
In Fannin County to the south-east of Dallas has three victims with minor injuries. Their degree by surprise in their own home on wheels.


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