Norway climatologists challenged icebergs




Former Soviet icebreaker headed ocean convoy that would take 200 climate researchers and technical workers in the unique expedition. "The Soviet Union" will be released to the north of Tromso, Norway, clearing of the Arctic ice road for researchers wanting to take samples from the ocean floor. Nobody has been able to clear the sea of ice floes and take samples from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, and if this group of scientists will be able to solve this problem, it will allow them to collect data to predict future climate.

Upon arrival, about 250 kilometers from the North Pole, the researchers will try to take samples from a depth of 1.5 kilometers below the seabed. Their task is complicated by the fact that the storm the ship should not move more than 50 meters away — it may damage the drilling equipment. Scientists are interested in Lomonosov Ridge, a mountain chain a mile wide, rising to three kilometers from the sea floor. If the work is successful, scientists will fall into the hands of the missing piece of information on the global climate. After analyzing the samples, scientists can reconstruct the climatic conditions of the past, around the world.

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 09.06.2004 12:38

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